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Proteau's Blog: Did you miss me?

Got a chance to see the legendary George Carlin perform during my “vacation”, so I'm coming back to the blog business extra ornery.

Let's look at some of the stories I've missed when I was gone:

• Former NHL player agent David Frost allegedly conducting himself improperly? The words “Frost” and “fraud” together in the same sentence? I refuse to believe it. Must be some type of law-enforcement conspiracy.

• Tie Domi allegedly testing out his bully act on his son's minor hockey coach? That's highly out of character for such a world-renowned sophisticate. Must be some kind of estranged-wife conspiracy.

• The New York Rangers charging hard toward a playoff berth, mere weeks after I wrote they had no chance at qualifying for the post-season? Ummmm…

• Canadiens legend Serge Savard comes out and says fighting has no place in the game? Oh, right, he told me that.

The fact one of the game's all-time greatest players knows there's a way to keep the sport clean and competitive speaks volumes about those currently in charge of the NHL. It should also put to rest once and for all the tired old argument that the only people in hockey who don't want fighting have never played the game at a meaningful level.

I say ‘should', because there's absolutely no reasoning with a certain segment of the pro-fighting lobby. Some of them – including poor, oft-pummeled Todd Fedoruk – actually believe the league should aim to become more like the Mixed Martial Arts/Ultimate Fighting industry. As if the NHL could ever put out a product that would compete with that level of violence.


One blog without the anti-fighting tirade? Thats all I ask!

- Geoff



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