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Proteau's Blog: Dizzying events

• Alex Kovalev's current battle with vertigo is scary enough for his hockey career, but here's something even more frightening: dude is a licensed pilot!

I'm not the most comfortable flyer to begin with, so if I found out the person at the plane's controls had trouble with their inner sense of balance, I'd be hopping on a boat, bus or donkey instead.

• Courtesy of Canada's National Post, here's a great quote from eminently quotable Toronto Raptors coach Sam Mitchell, who was asked about the NBA's efforts to maintain sportsmanship and protect its players from cheap shots and assorted goonery:

"I think the way the (NBA) cleans it up, hey, you can go out there and do some dumb stuff, but I'll tell you what, it'll cost you a lot of money,” Mitchell said Tuesday. "I don't care how much money you make, when they start suspending people and you start talking about a few hundred thousand dollars, I think it stops a lot of stupidity.

“The NBA is very conscious of the game staying clean. And you can play tough and be clean." (emphasis added).

To hell with the Raptors – somebody needs to offer this guy Gary Bettman's job.

• Give credit to Isles coach Ted Nolan for having a sense of humor about Rick DiPietro's suspected head injury.

Wednesday, Nolan referred to DiPietro as suffering from “general body soreness.” That's cute, but it also underscores the lunacy of the NHL's injury disclosure policy, changes to which should be on the board of governors/competition committee's summertime agenda.

• Congrats to Flyers GM Paul Holmgren on the two-year contract extension he received from the team Wednesday. With his recent dealings at and around the trade deadline, Holmgren has earned it.


The way Holmgren's team has performed, though, you wouldn't be too surprised if he was the only one to stick around for two more years. They at least need to find some new defensemen. Seriously, Derian Hatcher? Even adding Lasse Kukkonen and Braydon Coburn was brilliant, and it cleared so much cap space.

- Josiah Hunter

Great call on the injury disclosure thing. It's getting so bad it's trickling down to junior, too, guys have "upper body injuries" in January. The coaches must believe there's something to it, though, that opponents will target those injuries.

- Nathan White

Why do the media types keep wanting the coaches to release the truth about injuries? Is it because you have a hard time with the fact there is info you cannot get? Why would a coach want to tell everyone if one of their players has a particular injury?? Do you think other sports are different? Do you remember Bill Bellichek listing everyone as probable a few years ago? Why don't you tell us which reporters aren't feeling that great, are having personal problems or have the flu so we will know the maybe didn't give a certain story their full attention.

- Stewart

The injury disclosure policy will most likely never change. GMs like keeping opponents in the dark about their players health issues. I can recall a time in the NBA when plantar fasciitis became code for "we need an extra roster space so player X is going on the injured list with this." It happens all over sports.

- Eric

You could offer anyone Bettman's job and they'd do it better. Seriously though, has anyone considered Ron McLean for the job?!

- K


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