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Proteau's Blog: Down and out in Edmonton

• Talk about adding injury to insult: After their 3-1 loss to Tampa Bay Wednesday, the Edmonton Oilers are not only 13 points behind Minnesota for the final Western Conference post-season berth, but they also lost defensemen Steve Staios (knee) and Jan Hejda (shoulder) during the game.

Going into the night, the Oilers were already missing eight players from their lineup.

R.I.P., playoff chances.

• Speaking of Oilers injuries – Daniel Tjarnqvist is out with an inflamed pubic bone. I don't know how you inflame that area, and I don't want to.

• If I hear one more pro-fighting media type refer to anyone who disagrees with them as some variation of a pantywaist, I think I'll punch…I mean, register my disapproval via civil disobedience.

You wouldn't know it by the tedious clichés, but it is entirely possible to reject the philosophy of frontier justice and revenge cultures in sport without first slipping a tutu around your waist. And anyone who tries to say otherwise is as wrong as me calling fighting fans base-natured, bloodthirsty hayseeds too thick to realize Don Cherry has been brainwashing them for profit.

• Kudos to the Florida Panthers for permanently moving the location of their TV cameras from the 300 level to the 100 level of the BankAtlantic Center. It may cost them money in the short term by taking out high-priced seats, but the Panthers are doing what all teams should be doing – making the game more accessible and attractive to the audience at home.

• With thanks to the morning show guys at the Edge radio station in Toronto, here's a little Eastern European-flavored video treat to brighten your day: Speak, the Hungarian Rapper. I cannot recommend this highly enough.


I wanna ask you, a question about all the things being said on Cam Janssen and his hit on Kaberle ( I think he must have been suspended not only for that one, bu for all the dirty things he has done since the season started). Did J Fergusson or mister Kaberle, questioned Farcy (no this is not afault from my part !) Tucker and his agression on Kapanen, who left him unable to come back to the bench during the 2005 playoffs ? That was unbearable to watch even on tv Did Ruff apology for Campbell hit that left Umberger inconscious at the flyer's blue line? I hope you'll excuse my poor english (i'm french reader of yours) , but executives and players in the ( New???) NHL seem to have some memory breakdowns when talking about violence in this wonderful sport !

- jerryterriere

Well Mr. Proteau, I hope you have a plane ticket. I side with Don Cherry. (No I am not brainwashed either)

- Joshua Lockhart

I think that there is something to be said for the history of violence in the fabric of the game. No one forces these men to play hockey. I am "pro-fighting" as you say because I respect the game, understand the place of intimidation as a tactic within the framework of the rules -and love the sport as such that it hurts to see it as it is now, washed-out and nearly devoid of its oranic roots, constantly being "cultured.".

- Steve

...Steve Yzerman thinks that there's a place in the game for fighting and has said so publicly many times... you don't get any classier than that guy - is he brainwashed by Don too?? Or maybe the intricacies of hockey, emotionally and physically, are just maybe, more complicated than you make them out to be. It's too bad Chris Simon didn't drop the gloves tonight instead of smacking someone in the face with his stick....and let's be real - E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E likes a good goalie fight. You want proof... do a hockey news poll on who likes to watch goalie fights - it will be your most lopsided poll ever.

- Kocur


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