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Proteau's Blog: Fickle feelings

• Nearly choked on my soup Wednesday night when I watched Tie Domi's rip job on Ken Dryden for daring to accept the honor of having his jersey retired by the Montreal Canadiens Monday.

Yup, the same Tie Domi who held up Hockey Night In Canada last year with a ceremony celebrating his 1,000th career game is taking a shot at Dryden, who accomplished more in one NHL season than Domi did in his entire pro career. It is to retch.

• Funny how, now that the Maple Leafs have won six of their last eight games, the communal roasting of Andrew Raycroft has suddenly ceased. Raycroft was the best player on the ice Wednesday when Toronto beat the Rangers, but like 90 per cent of goalies in the league, he'll always look better when the players in front of him show discipline and patience.

• The latest puck poll on took an interesting turn over the past few days. The question was, “which Eastern Conference team has the coolest jersey?” The Hurricanes won. By a lot.

Carolina got more than 12,000 votes. The runner-up (Montreal) was just shy of 800.

As web editor Edward Fraser said, “I think we've been Rory-ed.”

• Words to live by from the wonderful writer Molly Ivins, who passed away Wednesday after a courageous battle with breast cancer:

“What you need is sustained outrage...there's far too much unthinking respect given to authority.”

Rest in peace, Molly. You were an inspiration to writers of all stripes.


Do you guys think you got "roryed" just because you don't agree with the sweater selected? It is possible for a majority of people to have a different opinion than you (I am a die hard Caniac and never heard the first word of a campaign to effect this poll). Besides, every other eastern conf teams fanbase had equal opportunity to vote. Sounds like more sun belt bashing to me.

- DJ

Ha! I'm a die-hard Caniac too but the Rory-ing here is pretty obvious, I have to admit. 12,000 votes for the Canes and the next closest tally is 800? Ha! Too funny. I love it. There must be a few Caniacs out there with a sore mouse finger today. That's dedication! I tried to Rory a poll on recently. No dice. I think they have anti-Rorying programs in place now. Heh.

- Beth

First off I'm an Ottawa fan but on the whole I love hockey, every team including the leafs. I am not surprised by Toronto fan's reactions to Raycroft, hockey is a passion for them that will never die. You'll find many Leafs jerseys at our Ottawa games even if the Leafs aren't playing. But Raycroft is a fantastic Goalie for them, a building block to creating a real cup winning team. And SO WHAT if he had a bad year last year, what Goalie besides Hasek and Brodeur hasn't had a bad year. Look at Giguere's 03/04 season. If Toronto wants to look at their weak spots they should do now what I also think Ottawa should do. Either change or remove their current Captains. Sundin isn't leading the Leafs to a cup any more that Alfredsson will lead the Sens to a cup. What Toronto should consider is allowing someone else the chance to lead the team. I'm not talking what I'm told are future stars like Steen who isn't impressing me much. Look at Ponikarovsky, I've watched him since he is a player in my hockey pool. I don't care what people say about him when he is on the ice stuff happens and Toronto scores goals. But try to explain to a leaf fan that their captain is finished (even though I as well enjoy leafs hockey) and I'm only told Sens Suck Leafs Rule, because I live in Ottawa.

- Dwaine

You missed the point of Domi's rant (and I don't even like the guy). He said it was hypocritical for Dryden to go along with the retirement ceremony since he (Dryden) did not want that type of nonsense when he ran the Leafs. Now Domi may be wrong, and Dryden may have never said such a thing, but if Dryden did not think highly of banner raising ceremonies for past Leaf greats (NOT Domi) then it shows a lack of credibility attending the ceremony for #29. Domi never said he did not love being the center of attention nor being recognized for his 1000th game. So there is no hypocrisy, whether Domi is worthy of such accolades or recognition is another debate. Now since Ken is a Liberal PM, he probably gets the benefit of the doubt.

- E. Canevari

Hey, I'm a Habs/Dryden fan. But, as much as I loved seeing this happen for Ken, I think Domi had a point. He didn't actually say Dryden didn't deserve it (we all know he did). But it was kinda hypocritical of him to accept the honour.

- B


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