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Proteau's Blog: From Hab to worse

• When things go bad, they really go bad. Just ask the Montreal Canadiens, who have won just two of their last 10 games (including a 5-2 thumping by New Jersey Wednesday), and now must face the prospect of being without Cristobal Huet.

The starting goalie suffered a pulled hamstring and is likely to miss the team's next few games, which can't be good news when the Habs are fighting for a post-season berth. Could GM Bob Gainey be in the market for a goalie, as it seems the Rangers are now that Kevin Weekes is injured?

• I've been one of the loudest critics of the NHL's marketing campaigns over the years, but two of the league's more recent “My NHL” commercials are absolutely fantastic.

There's one with the Sedin Twins at a bachelor party, and one with a host of superstars that has instantly become my favorite hockey-based commercial ever (although this one was close). Kudos to all involved.

• If the Philadelphia Inquirer's Tim Panaccio is right about the Oilers being interested in dealing for Derian Hatcher, Edmonton GM Kevin Lowe is more desperate than I thought. Hatcher may have been a difference-maker five years ago, but he's little more than a salary cap albatross today.


While the new commercials are great, my all time favorite had to be Nike's Cam Neeley Workout with the classic line that went something like, "For a really good workout try using 12 time all star defenseman Ray Bourque. If you don't have a Ray Bourque, just use whatever you have lying around the house." Sadly I lost my tape of that commercial some time ago and it hasn't surfaced on You-tube yet.

- Mike

i totally agree with you about the new NHL commercials, The Sedin twins one is hillarious and the road trip commercial is great. I have to add my all time favorite is found on you tube and portrays the french canadian goaltender who lost his job in the NHl due to the superb play of Mats Sundin and now must take to driving a cab.

- Daniele

These are all good, but my favorite are still the SUndin Nike ads with the French Canadien Goalie:

- Tim


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