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Proteau's Blog: Is Lou losing it?

• I've made a cottage industry out of fun poking fun at Lou Lamoriello, but after reading Bruce Garrioch's story in Wednesday's Ottawa Sun, I'm seriously starting to worry about the guy.

Wanna know what the Devils' Supreme Leader brought with him for New Jersey's four-day stay outside of Ottawa? Take it away, Bruce:

Â…Four doctors. Under normal circumstances, the visiting team would bring two physicians who would work hand-in-hand with the home team's doctors. If a player needed stitches, for example, the home team would usually help out the visitors. That won't be the case in this series.

A security guard for the bench. The Devils have asked Scotiabank Place security guards who normally work the bench area to leave, not to touch the door and stay out of the area completely so they cannot see any Devils who might be injured during the game. The Devils' security representative is a former FBI agent.

A bus. While bringing along their own medical supplies is nothing new for the Devils, having a driver make the seven-hour trek from Newark to Ottawa with an empty bus is highly unusual. But Lamoriello didn't want to take any chances with a local driver. After all, an Ottawa driver might be inclined to let the Senators know what the Devils were talking about on the bus during the ride to Scotiabank Place from their hotel.

My goodness. Has Lamoriello hired a food-taster to check for poison, too? And what about the water in the arena and hotel showers? Can anyone guarantee the Senators haven't mixed in some kind of magical potion to sap the Devils of their strength?

Talk about your bunker mentality. Get well soon, Lou.


All of this surprises you? From a guy who fires his division-leading coach right before the playoffs? He's been doing this for so long, you shouldn't even be surprised when he shows up for the must-win Game 5 suited up as the Devils new geriatric Player/Coach. Or do you think he's actually going to leave it up to his players now to win games?

- Joe Willix

sounds like he is controlling his destiny. is that crazy???

- j. Barker

bottom line: New Jersey = 3 Stanley Cups, Ottawa = zero. If I were an NHL GM, I wouldn't mind having some of what Lou's been drinkin

- Randall



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