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Proteau's Blog: K.C. bound?

• Things don't look promising for the future of the Penguins in Pittsburgh. The whole muddled situation with Jim Balsillie says to me the league doesn't necessarily mind if the franchise relocates, but wants as smooth a transition as possible when it does.

Balsillie was going to try and move them to Ontario and with the legal challenges from the Leafs and Sabres that likely were to ensue when he did, the NHL wouldn't get that smooth transition. But they've already got a new building and willing fans in Kansas City, which is why my money says that's where Crosby and Co. eventually end up.

• Don't know whether it was intentional or not, but TSN's announce team of Chris Cuthbert and Glenn Healy were having fun with the language while covering last night's Blue Jackets/Red Wings game. To wit:

Healy: “Chris, Columbus…”

And later in the game, Cuthbert: “The red-hot (Mathieu) Schneider scores!”

If I didn't know any better, I would've thought they were talking about hot dogs and Home Alone directors.

• Their efforts haven't exactly paid huge dividends at the box office, but the Capitals are one of the best-managed teams in the league. Wednesday, they held an outdoor practice for the first time in team history, in front of several hundred Washington fans. It's those little things that help endear a team to its customer base.


Any chance we're going to see a team move BACK to Canada? Like Winnipeg or Quebec? Or maybe even somewhere in Atlantic Canada? What do you think? The Penguins moving to Kansas City just sounds horrible...

- Diego Mendez



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