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Proteau's Blog: Long and short arms of the law

• In my playoff predictions, I selected New Jersey to beat Tampa Bay. I'm having second thoughts, though, now that the Devils have assigned Cam Janssen to their American League affiliate.

However will they stand up for themselves now? Whomever will protect the likes of Patrik Elias and Scott Gomez now? Doesn't Lou Lamoriello realize how valuable a player of Janssen's ilk is at the most important time of the year?

• On the one hand, it's heartening to see Ed Belfour raging against middle age and proving even 41-year-olds can allegedly walk towards a police officer “in a fighting stance” before being charged with disorderly intoxication.

I'll resist the temptation to make a billion-dollar joke and instead just say thank goodness orderly intoxication isn't against the law. To paraphrase a great Gilbert Gottfried joke, if orderly intoxication is a crime, I'm Al Capone.

• OK, I'll say one more thing about Belfour: according to the Miami Herald, he was tasered before the cuffs went on.

Congrats, Eddie, on becoming the first goalie to join the illustrious club of NHLers who've received an extra jolt from the long arm of the law. Fellow members include Bob Probert and Ryan VandenBussche. You must be so proud.

• Another reason Andrew Ference is one of my favorites: whereas other vacation-bound players visit typical tourist traps such as Hawaii, the Bruins blueliner is headed to Tanzania as an ambassador for Right To Play.

Ference is a much better human being than he is an NHLer – and that's no slight against his on-ice skills, either. I'd feel much better if it was him and not Don Cherry giving life lessons to kids every Saturday night.


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