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Proteau's Blog: Quite the menu

• Nice show of sportsmanship by Chris Chelios Tuesday night after his Red Wings were eliminated from the Western Conference final by Anaheim. The Detroit blueliner skipped the traditional post-game handshake, which was noticed – and not in a good way – by the Ducks players.

“It shows what kind of guy he is,” winger Teemu Selanne told the Los Angeles Times. “It's easy when you have success to be a good guy. But when something happens and it gets tough, a couple of guys from Minnesota did it and now, he does it. I don't really care, you know. Maybe I'd like to say, ‘Have a good summer.' ”

That said, Selanne – and Chris “The Canadian Media Made Me Do It” Pronger – took some of the shine off their series win by complaining about the officiating.

"When you have to beat the referees, too, it's tough,” Selanne told USA Today.

“When we're getting penalty after penalty on pretty weak calls,” Pronger added, “a lot of guys were talking about conspiracy theories.”

Fellas, you and your teammates have played some of the most undisciplined hockey (particularly in the second period of games) of any 2007 playoff team. You should be thanking J-S Giguere and your penalty-killers, not bitching about tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories.

• Part of me hopes that Chicago Wolves GM Kevin Cheveldayoff gets the Phoenix Coyotes' GM job, if only because we might eventually see him hire Wolves head coach (and former Maple Leafs star) John Anderson to work behind an NHL bench.

Of course, for such a thing to happen, Wayne Gretzky would have to get the gong. That might have seemed like an impossibility last season, but if the ‘Yotes stink it up again early in 2007-08, I think The Great One will become The Gone One in a hurry.


Watching Chelios almost come to blows at the final buzzer, I'm not surprised he didn't go through the handshake line. Maybe he had to go write a check to the refs for their part in the "conspiracy" that I'm sure not only includes the refs, the war room and his good buddy Gary Bettman. Maybe Anaheim better start worrying about the fact that the strongest team they've faced so far didn't give them half as many problems as the Senators are going to give them in the Finals.

- Joe Willix

Chelli is a classier guy than that. Maybe he was keeping himself from breaking Pronger's nose

- joe K

Chelios did the same thing when the Ducks swept the Wings in 03. A class act all around. Hope he has a nice long summer to think about it.

- Iron Mike

Chelios had every right to snub Anaheim. Pronger has always been somewhat of a cheap hitter. As far as the penalties go, I think that Detroit was robbed most nights, as 80% of the time they would dump the puck in the zone and the Ducks players would be obstructing their pursuit. Clearly a penalty in the supposed new NHL. The officiating was horrible all around. I think it is time to dump the referees since they cannot read the rules (balck and white) and enforce them.

- Jim Doran

I'm glad the wings lost, because if there's anyone who doesn't deserve their name on the cup, its Bertuzzi.

- r burhenn

Anyone who plays or even watches hockey knows a bad penalty call when it happens. I thought the calls were fine until the Moen hooking call. If your gonna call something with 2 minutes left in a 1-goal conference final game, it better deny someone a game-tying scoring chance. Chelios closing his arm on Moen's stick doesn't cut it. With that said, the Ducks still won and should be worrying about Ottawa and not the call or Chelios skipping the hand shake.

- John Yorks

why does everyone hate bertuzzi? whats done is done look at how bad he is now i think that in itself shows how much the "incident" affected him he sucks chelios is a great player in my books but man is he the biggest suck in the league right now, he may be 40+ years old and earned respect as a hockey player but if he wants to keep that respect he needs to start showing it back... hall of famer yes "oldest b*tch still in the league" should be his award

- Logan

The refs were brutal towards both teams. In game five they missed a clear too many men on the Ducks. It was blatent. Hockey is becoming hard to watch when the rules keep switching between the refs discretion and by the book. I am very disappointed.

- Bin

If you thought the officiating was bad against the ducks,Wait until you see it against OTT in the finals.There is no way Bettman will ever allow a canadian team to win a cup.OTT deserves it and will probably be the better team,but in garys NHL it wont happen.Hope officiating does,nt ruin a good series and take the cup away from Canada like it did against Calgary

- jason


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