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Proteau's Blog: Right all the time, 80% of the time

• Just prior to the playoffs, I wrote a top 5 list of post-season predictions for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Let's see how well that turned out.

Prediction: John Tortorella will totally lose it on somebody.

Was I right, or was I right? I'm right, but really, this prediction was too easy, like guessing Jay Leno will continue to be unfunny for the rest of time. The New York Post's hockey writer Larry Brooks takes home the 2007 honors after his questions caused the Lightning coach to wig out. Nice work, Larry.

Prediction: Joe Thornton's guts will be questioned.

Was I right, or was I right? I'm not quite right – har har, very funny – but I will be if the Wings eliminate the Sharks. It doesn't matter that Thornton's 10 playoff assists are tied for the league lead or that Patrick Marleau is an ugly minus-5 in the post-season; because Thornton is as big and talented as he is, he'll always be someone's easy scapegoat. He's got to be used to it by now.

Prediction: The Devils, Wild and Stars will trap their way to post-season success.

Was I right, or was I right? Um, not really. All three teams did trap, but only New Jersey won a round, then got obliterated by Ottawa. If I had only put the Anaheim Ducks into that sentence, I would've been covered.

Prediction: The Thrashers' first playoff experience will be a short one.

Was I right, or was I right? I don't get much more right than this. Just like Atlanta's initial post-season couldn't have gotten any shorter unless they waived a white flag after Game 3. Which they really did, anyway.

Prediction: The old dude watching the game next to you in the bar will lament the long-gone "golden era" of hockey.

Was I right, or was I right? The prosecution wishes to submit the following article for the court's consideration:

“These young people watching the NHL today,” said 82-year-old John Scully, “they think what they're seeing from the players is good. It's all they've ever seen. They've nothing to compare it with. They're wrong.”

The prosecution rests.


Adam - pretty accurate predictions. Specifically your final prediction relating to curmudgeons waxing poetic about the "golden age". Please read Detroit News Larry Green's latest pointless diatribe... if you can find a point, please let me know. Also, i predicted Sharks in 5. Oops. Go Wings.

- Adam Fox



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