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Proteau's Blog: Send a message

• During his work as a playoff analyst with TSN this spring, Jeremy Roenick has used the absolutely preposterous argument that the opinions of those who haven't “played the game” are somehow less valid than pro athletes like him.

Well, Mark Moore, brother of Steve and Dominic Moore, has “played the game”. And look what he has to say.

Mark Moore's solutions to curbing the unending stream of violent incidents – such as the shameful meltdown by Calgary players and coaching staff Saturday – are precisely what the league should be doing to clean up the game.

And though fining the Flames organization $100,000 is a good start, as always with the NHL, it's never enough. Colin Campbell should have more than doubled that fine and suspended coach Jim Playfair for at least Game 7 after permitting his team to embarrass themselves and the sport.

• What's this? There's a scenario that would lead Bill Wirtz to sell the Blackhawks? Do tell, good sir, do tell.

“If the (players') union hired someone like Bob (Goodenow), who just says (you're) lying whenever you say you're losing money, I'd put the team up for sale,” Wirtz told the Toronto Star Friday. “And I think that might cause other owners to look at their own investments.”

First of all, the notion other NHL owners would follow Wirtz's lead on anything other than ordering the finest caviar and chardonnay has got to be one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard in my life. Somebody get this guy in front of a stand-up comedy mic!

As for the union replacing Ted Saskin with a pit bull similar to Goodenow, what more incentive do the players need? Don't get me wrong, I believe there should be a better working relationship between the players and owners, but this is too juicy an opportunity to pass up.

Never thought I'd say this, but come back, Bob. At least until Wirtz signs those sale papers. Then go away again.

• You'd always like to hear the accused's side of the story, but if Sean Hill really did use performance-enhancing drugs, a 20-game suspension – the amount mandated by the league's drug policy for a first-time offense - doesn't cut it.

As Canada's favorite whacked-out grandpa noted Saturday night, a 50-game suspension for Hill would have been far more preferable. This league should have no mercy on anyone busted for cheating, before the slippery slope leads to a type of catastrophe currently being “dealt with” by Major League Baseball.

If you want to lead by example, someone's got to be made an example of. Hill was the first guy caught and thus presented the perfect opportunity to send a forceful message to the rest of the league. But once again, the NHL didn't go far enough.

Predictable, really, but sad and frustrating nonetheless.



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