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Proteau's Blog: Slip slidin' away

• Interesting thoughts from former NHL referee Bruce Hood on the league's rapidly-slipping officiating standard.

“It's just so frustrating to watch,” Hood told the Globe and Mail. “They keep saying they want the game better, but then they let all this interference and rubbing guys out against the boards right back into the game.”

According to Gary Bettman, NHL games are more exciting than ever. Not so, says Hood.

“I can't understand why (the NHL) can't see that putting people through the boards does nothing to sell the game,” said Hood. “People want to see scoring and good plays. Not interference.”

Hear, hear, Bruce. Couldn't agree more.

• Aloha, Mike Milbury. I'm sure as I write this, Islanders fans are uniting in fury to protest you leaving.

Milbury shouldn't be out of work for long. Odds are, the Bruins or Blackhawks will have an opening sooner than later.

• Another guy ready for a change of employer is Minnesota goalie Manny Fernandez.

“You listen to (coach) Jacques (Lemaire), he wanted (Niklas) Backstrom back (in net),” said Fernandez, who also accused management and teammates of not supporting him enough…“It's fair to say I'm going to be traded…I'm ready for that.”

Though assistant GM Tom Lynn denied Fernandez was on the block, one of his comments made it clear the team seems to be tiring of the goalie's act.

“His teammates haven't always liked his demeanor,” Lynn said of Fernandez. “Feeling unsupported by teammates? I don't think that was the case.”

Sounds to me like Fernandez can be had for a song this summer.

• According to the Columbus Dispatch, Anaheim assistant GM Bob Murray is the leading candidate to replace Doug MacLean as Blue Jackets GM.

Hiring Murray would be a good call by Columbus ownership. He has been a constant in the Ducks' rise to the top of the league, working closely with both Bryan Murray and Brian Burke to build the franchise the proper way.

Bob Murray's less-than-banner record (64-94-29-2) as Blackhawks GM shouldn't scare Jackets fans. If Lou Lamoriello or Ken Holland were mired in that perpetual Chicago mess, they'd be ring-less and searching for a second chance as well.


Seriously, Bruce Hood could not keep the Canadiens/Nordiques playoff game under control back in 1984. What a debacle. He, Denis Morel and Andy Van Hellemond are the last guys I want to hear about letting things deteriorate. Who's next? Art Skov? Game 2 on Wednesday night was fast, hard-hitting and exciting. Exactly what fans want.

- Mark Pargas



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