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Proteau's Blog: Something Bruin?

• The Bruins are relatively hot of late, going 4-2-1 in their last seven games. But here's why they'll ultimately fall short in their race to make the post-season:

In Boston's 4-3 overtime loss to Philadelphia Thursday night, Flyers defenseman Denis Gauthier runs Marc Savard from behind into the boards. And no Bruin so much as glanced in Gauthier's direction afterward.

It may say more about the rest of the team's personal feelings toward Savard, but to me, it said all you need to know about the Bruins' coherence as a team.

• Blowing a 2-0 lead with three minutes left in the third period wasn't the ideal way for the New York Islanders to welcome Ryan Smyth to the lineup Thursday. The Isles still managed to get a point out of the game, but folding in a pressure situation like that will earn them a quick exit from the playoffs.

• On a personal note: Toronto was hit by a huge winter storm Thursday, just in time for the rush hour drive home from work. So a trip that usually takes me 20 minutes took an hour.

But since I always look on the bright side of life (cue Monty Python music), I tried to make the most of it. And after three dirty weasels in their cars came whipping past me on the paved shoulder of the highway, I realized how I could help both myself and others.

When I saw the next weasel try the same maneuver, I pulled my car out, half in the shoulder and half in the outside lane, to make sure he couldn't pass. And I stayed there until there was no more shoulder to illegally drive on and the s.o.b. in question had to slither back to his original place in the car cue.

I swear, I could feel every other driver in the area cheering me on like the crowd did with Jason McElwain, the autistic kid who had a Rudy moment on the basketball court.

I'm completely against players policing themselves in the NHL, but on the highway, it's a different story.


I laugh at what you Toronto people call winter storms. It always makes me chuckle. 10-15cm of snow, and the army is called in. Here in Winnipeg, 10-15 cm of snow, and a water main break at the University, and the school keeps trucking along, like nothing had happened. We really need to work on a common definition of "winter storm"

- Josh Lockhart

I guess that's why nobody could come out and support the Jets.

- Jeff


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