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Radulov ready to breakout?

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It’s that “slow” time of year where keeper league owners are champing at the bit for some fantasy hockey talk. Let’s get to some letters!

Hey Dobber, I'm in a keeper league pool and each year we keep 10 players of 20. I read your fantasy ranking every month to help me. I have Alexander Radulov in my pool, because you rank him very high. Why do you rank him so high? Do you think he will get 90 points soon? Thank you.

Marco, Cabano, Que.

Hi Marco. Only a handful of NHLers have the moves, vision and skill Radulov has. He just needs to put it all together. Still only 21 years old, he will need a couple of years to hone his defense and improve on his commitment. I would expect about 70 points in each of the next two seasons before he finally busts out with a big year. Not many players have 100-point potential, but Radulov certainly does.

I heard rumors early in the new year that the Leafs were about to sign Swedish free agent Linus Klasen. Is there anything more to report? Thanks.

Wade, Milton, Ont.

Nothing new to report, Wade. I don’t think we’ll hear anything until the Leafs settle on a new GM, either. Frankly, my feeling is the interest in Klasen was so the team could have another reason for Fabian Brunnstrom to climb aboard. Since Brunnstrom has now signed with Dallas, the urgency in signing his countryman Klasen is now reduced. Even if he is signed, I doubt he will pan out fantasy-wise.

I am looking to trade Jarome Iginla in his prime to get some young guys. Do you think Ales Hemsky, Kyle Okposo and the first overall pick this year is good/bad/overkill?


I would do that deal if the other guy would. I doubt he would give up Steven Stamkos and that package just for Iggy, so drop Okposo if you have to. Stamkos and Hemsky for Iginla will look real nice…probably as early as next season.

Hey Dobber, I have a question regarding prospect drafts in deep dynasty leagues where players can spend unlimited time on the farm before being brought up. What sort of balance should you make between boom/bust guys and safer guys with a smaller upside if you have lower draft picks each round (say 10th/12th in each round)?


I find in my keeper league I have about 15 players I really, really like - so I've been spending my time in trades throughout the year getting high second round picks.

If all goes well, each year I can get three picks in the top 20 and snag three of those 15 guys I really like. Beyond that, I draft depending on how I have done. If I get stuck with just one guy I like out of the 15, I tend to draft safer later on. I always take at least one guy with a huge upside, but who is also a long shot. As for balancing picks between safe and low upside vs. risky and high upside, I play it based on how my team looks and how the draft is going.Darryl Dobbs’ Fantasy Mailbag will appear on the last Wednesday of every month throughout the playoffs and off-season. The weekly edition will begin again in September. To send the Dobber your question, click HERE.For more great profiles, news and views from the world of hockey, Subscribe to The Hockey News magazine. Enter THN’s Free Playoff Challenge for your chance to win a 2008 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special Motorcycle. Contest closes at the start of the third round.



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