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Rapid Fire: with Capitals winger Tom Wilson

Capitals right winger Tom Wilson talks about his first big purchase and who his favorite player growing up was.

What was your welcome to the NHL moment?

“My first NHL game was in the playoffs. I got called up from junior to Hershey, then called up from Hershey to Washington. I was in the coach’s office, and they told me you’re playing tomorrow night against New York for Game 5 (in 2013). Before the game I was standing in the hallway and a couple guys said ‘Hey, it’s the same sport, don’t overthink it.’ You could hear the crowd from the tunnel, it was a pretty crazy experience.”

Who was your favorite player growing up?

“I was a Leafs fan when I was really young, so a guy like Mats Sundin…I had a Darcy Tucker jersey. Steve Yzerman, too.”

What's the best thing about being an NHLer?

“Coming to the rink every day and being with the guys. It’s so fun in Washington. Last year, we were winning and it’s a great group of guys, so it’s a blast.”

What's your favorite road city?

“California is always fun when you go out with the boys. You get to go to L.A. and San Jose, you stay on the beach – that’s definitely a frontrunner.”

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self?

“When the timing is right, you got to give it your all. Getting into the league as such a young player, I realized that when you have your chance you have to make the most of it. You play under-17s, everyone’s watching. Then you go to an under-18 tournament and all the scouts are there. You can’t take one off because you can get your name crossed off pretty quick. So go out and give it your all. You can’t take any games off, because it could come back to bite you.”

What was your first big purchase?

“A Jeep SRT. That was pretty cool, buying my own car.”



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