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Report: John Doe 3 Among Three Plaintiffs Weighing Lawsuits Against Blackhawks

TSN's Rick Westhead reports that John Doe 3 is among three plaintiffs who are potentially preparing to file lawsuits against the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Content Warning: This article contains references and descriptions of sexual assault. 

No matter how hard he tries, Rocky Wirtz cannot put 2010 behind him. 

According to a report from TSN's Rick Westhead, a former University of Miami at Ohio student who was raped by Brad Aldrich detailed to TSN this week the ways in which Aldrich used memorabilia such as his Stanley Cup ring and Olympic silver medal to groom him while the two worked for the university's men's hockey team. 

The student, who requested anonymity when speaking to Westhead and is referred to as John Doe 3, says he met Aldrich in 2011, months after Aldrich left the Chicago Blackhawks organization following his abuse of Kyle Beach. 

Now, John Doe 3 is one of three plaintiffs who are weighing the possibility of filing lawsuits against the Blackhawks. 

According to Westhead, Chicago lawyer Christopher Cortese, who represents all three plaintiffs, contacted the Blackhawks in December of 2021 to provide the organization with details on the allegations made by his clients. This occurred roughly two months after both Kyle Beach and John Doe 2 settled lawsuits with the Blackhawks regarding their own abuse at the hands of Aldrich. 

As Westhead reports, Cortese's firm Hurley, McKenna & Mirtz is in the process of preparing to file litigation against the Blackhawks. 

When Aldrich chose to leave the Blackhawks in June of 2010 to avoid an internal investigation into the accusations of abuse made against him by Beach and other team employees, he signed a termination agreement that forbid him from making further contact with team staff and personnel. As it was revealed in the report released by Jenner & Block back in November, that agreement was broken numerous times, including when Aldrich attended the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup banner raising ceremony in November of 2010 and was handed his Stanley Cup ring personally by then-CEO John McDonough. 

Now, as Westhead reports, John Doe 3 alleges that Aldrich told him that the Blackhawks actually helped him get a job with the University of Miami at Ohio following his exit from the organization, saying that the Blackhawks recommended that Aldrich work for the university due to their support of the You Can Play program that was established to fight against homophobia in sports. 

This information comes after an independent investigation into allegations of abuse filed against Aldrich during his time with the University of Miami reported in its findings that Aldrich did not provide any reference from the Blackhawks upon being hired by the school. 

And after a heated outburst from Blackhawks owner and chairman Rocky Wirtz at Wednesday night's town hall meeting during which he repeatedly bellowed his intent to no longer discuss what happened in 2010, it appears as if the organization will be unable to run from its past any time soon. 

This story will be reported upon as it unfolds. 


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