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Rick Nash's Fan Shootout answers

How can I improve my stickhandling to move through defenseman like you do?

- Brian P. Long Island, N.Y.

"There are a lot of drills you can do. You can line up 10 pucks on the ice and weave in and out through them. That is one of the drills that I still do. Start off with about three feet in between each puck and as you get better try to get to about six inches."

Who has the best hands in the league, besides yourself?

- Kevin Tansey, Hammond, Ont.

"Jaromir Jagr has the best hands. I think he and Ilya Kovalchuk are the two most talented players in the league."

What's the best part of playing in Columbus?

- Brad MacDonald, Elmvale, Ont.

"The best part of playing in Columbus is the fans. We have great support. No matter if we are winning or losing, we always have our fans behind us. They are a big part of our franchise."

How strong do you feel the rivalry between Columbus and Nashville is, and has it gotten stronger this year?

- Kristopher Martel, Nashville

"It is strong and each game it gets stronger. Each game is a tough game and there are a lot of fights and a lot of battling. As the years go on and as we become playoff contenders the rivalry is only going to get stronger."

With the salary cap, do you think the days of the dynasty are over?

- Mark Eldridge, Nashville

"I don't think so. You look at the late 90's and early part of the new millennium and it is the Red Wings. You look at this season, with the salary cap, and it is still the Red Wings. So I still think the good teams are going to be good, but the other teams are going to be much better."

What is it like playing on a line with Sergei Fedorov?

- James Rayner, North Delta, B.C.

"It is great. He is a superstar in this league and someone I grew up watching and it is an honor to play on his line."

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