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Vancouver Canucks Fire GM Jim Benning

The Vancouver Canucks have fired GM Jim Benning after serving the position since 2014.
Jim Benning

The day has finally come. 

The Vancouver Canucks have  fired GM Jim Benning and assistant GM John Weisbrod, according to Vancouver-based journalist Irfaan Gaffar.

The majority of the team's draft picks taken by Benning and his staff outside of the first round failed to make a sizeable impact at the big-league level, with a few notable first-round busts, as well. And, perhaps most egregiously, Benning plunged the Canucks into a salary cap pit from which they may never escape. 

The Canucks made the playoffs twice during Benning's time at the helm. Both appearances featured winning a single round, and are sandwiched in between years of abject failure, with the team finishing seventh (last) in the Pacific Divison three times, sixth once, and fifth another, as well. 

Benning has now left the Canucks to toil where he always has, last in their division – this time sitting in eighth place behind the expansion Seattle Kraken. 

While it may astound most how Benning managed to last this long, the good news for Canucks fans is that this is truly a fresh start for the beleaguered franchise. The man that has held them back for nearly the last decade is now gone. Finally, the Canucks can move forward. 



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