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Scary goalie masks

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

With Halloween fast approaching, this week’s Top 10 focuses on scary art, in the form of goalie masks.

To learn more about the stories behind these ghoulish designs and the history of goalie masks in general, pick up our latest special issue, The Hockey News’ Greatest Masks of All Time, on newsstands now.


Jacques Plante’s original mask, first worn in a game Nov. 1, 1959

Simplistic Hannibal Lector-like creepiness at its best.


Brian Hayward’s 1991-92 San Jose Sharks mask

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the ice.


Franklin Farrell’s Team USA mask from the 1932 Winter Olympics

Not only would I be scared to stand in front of shooters wearing this flimsy thing, but Farrell looks reptilian wearing it.


Denis Lemieux’s Charlestown Chiefs mask from Slap Shot

When the team went mean, so did the equipment.


Gilles Gratton’s New York Rangers tiger mask

Legend has it Gratton used to growl at opposing players and once struck a cat’s pose and hissed during a brawl.


Gary Bromley’s 1980 Vancouver Canucks mask

Bromley’s mask could have been the inspiration for He-Man’s Skeletor character.


Curtis Sanford’s Vancouver Canucks “Sandman” mask

It’s the hollow eyes and fangs that get me.


Murray Bannerman’s 1980s Chicago Blackhawks mask

A Native-American motif that looks alien-creepy in a Japanese doll sort of way.


Mike Smith’s 2008-09 Saw-themed Tampa Bay Lightning mask

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the images on the mask or the shameless cross-promotion.


Andy Moog’s Boston Bruins mask

No surprise that it’s adorned with a bear, but the eyes and teeth on top are as intense as anything before or since.

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