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Scotty Bowman

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: NHL coach won nine Stanley Cups with Montreal, Pittsburgh and Detroit. Currently the senior advisor of hockey operations for Chicago. Holds record for most coaching wins in NHL history with 1,244 regular season and 223 in playoffs; won Jack Adams Award in 1977 and '96; is the only coach in history of NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB to win championships with three teams (‘73, '76, '77, ’78, '79 with Montreal; '92 with Pittsburgh; '97, '98, '02 with Detroit. Was also a part of Pittsburgh's '91 Cup team as director of player development and Detroit's '08 Cup team as a consultant.

DOB: Sept. 18, 1933 In: Montreal

First Hockey Memory: "Well, I was a young kid growing up in Montreal and for whatever reason I was a Boston Bruins fan because of the radio. And my favorite player – I was only seven – was a guy named Bill Cowley and he wore No. 10. And I guess Boston had a good team; they won the Cup in '38-39 and '40-41…I just listened to the games on the radio and I became a Boston fan because of Bill Cowley."

Favorite Movies: "Not a big movie buff. Going back in time, I liked any movie that (Jack) Nicholson was in. But I liked Rain Man and Shawshank Redemption."

Last Book Read: "I just finished it. It was not an autobiography, but whatever they call it, life story of Andy Williams."

First Job: "I worked for a paint company in Montreal."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Hard to pick one. I think as a coach, you think of the first Cup win you can get. That's always a big one. But for me, maybe the last Cup with the Wings in '02 because I knew that was going to be my last year."

Most Painful Moment: "Hard to say. Probably got injured playing junior hockey as a player. I couldn't play any more. But with different teams, probably not being able to win a Cup in Buffalo. Because I still live there and I was with the team for about six years."

Favorite Uniforms: "Oh, I don't have a preference on the uniforms. The teams I was with – I liked all their uniforms. Started off with St. Louis. It's hard to pick a special uniform. Detroit's a beautiful uniform. So is Chicago, obviously. Montreal is a neat uniform."

Favorite Arena: “The Montreal Forum. As a visiting team I always enjoyed games in Boston. The Boston Garden."

Funniest Players Encountered: "For pranks, Guy Lapointe in Montreal and Marc Bergevin – I had him with Detroit. They're pretty funny guys."

Closest Hockey Friend: "Right now, Jim Devellano, he's with Detroit. We were together for a long time. Certainly Al Arbour with St. Louis and then with the Islanders.”

Toughest Competitor: "Quite a few. The late Barclay Plager with the St. Louis Blues. A real competitor. Obviously, I didn't coach him, but John Ferguson with the Montreal Canadiens. He's also passed away. But there were a lot of other players who were really competitive, but didn't show it the same way. Steve Yzerman, for one. Mario Lemieux. They had great competitive instincts."

Strangest Game: "The fifth game of the 1973 Stanley Cup final in Montreal. We were up in the series 3-1, coming home to win the Cup. We lost to Chicago 8-7. (Ken) Dryden was in our net, Tony Esposito for Chicago. We did go on to win the sixth game, but 8-7 in a Stanley Cup game is hard to believe."

Most Memorable Goal: "That I witnessed, pick one, probably the (Igor) Larionov triple-overtime goal in '02 that gave us a 2-1 lead."

Childhood Dream: "I wanted to be a hockey player. There were only six teams when I was growing up. So I wanted to be an NHL player."

Personality Qualities Most Admired: "To see a person who has a good attitude about themselves and how they treat other people. I would pick an attitude that I think is the most important."

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