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Second chances

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Poolies are pondering how to fix some early mistakes, so without further ado - let’s get to some letters!

Dobber, I am in a year-to-year keeper league, which doesn't start until scoring period four, last week in October. We are allowed to keep five players. Goalies usually generate the first picks since they generate the most scoring week to week. My significant players I've narrowed down to possibly keeping are Kopitar, Staal, Dumont, Prospal, Cammalleri, Brodeur, Huet, Savard, LaBarbera. Out of these nine, can you suggest the top five for this season?

MaLockFan, Westford, Mass.

Sorry I missed this last week when you submitted, because it’s a good question. I hope you went with Martin Brodeur, Cristobal Huet, Eric Staal, J-P Dumont and Marc Savard. I know many would choose Anze Kopitar over Dumont, but all summer long I have felt Dumont is just scratching the surface and will be a point-per-game player this season.

Hey Dobber, I'm in a keeper league where goals are worth three, assists are worth two and plus-minus is face value. I currently own Stamkos and am getting offers for him. Do you think Brassard and Frolik are worth Stamkos? I know I don't stand a shot at winning my pool for the next two years or so with all the young talent developing on my team. Thanks very much buddy.

Derek, Ottawa

It’s always tough giving up the best player in a deal and I’m worried about Derick Brassard’s injury history, but I would still do this trade. Both Brassard and Michael Frolik have the potential for 90 points. Steven Stamkos can be even better than that, but you are getting two stud prospects for him and one of those prospects is putting points on the board right now. If I landed Brassard, I would turn around and shop him around the league.

I drafted Tomas Plekanec as my third center, but Saku Koivu is looking pretty good with Tanguay. Who would you rather have on Montreal this year: Koivu or Plekanec?

Cam, Toronto

Despite the hot start for Koivu, I would still rather own Plekanec. The season is young yet, Cam.

Hey Dobber, love reading your stuff. Just wondering about Filip Kuba. He's still on the waiver wire and I was going to pick him up. I am in a seven-team rotisserie league where we carry four LW, one C, one RW, six D, two G, two util., and five bench players. My seven D are Lidstrom, Green, Letang, Blake, Bouwmeester, Weber and Schneider. Who do I drop?

Mitch, Chatham, Ont.

Hi Mitch, I would roll the dice with Kuba and drop Mathieu Schneider. Kuba won’t keep up the pace he’s on, but it’s looking as though he is the main man on the blue line for the Ottawa power play.

In my keeper league (weekly bench moves) I traded Ryan Getzlaf for Derek Roy, Tobias Enstrom and a fourth-round pick in next summer's draft. I pulled the trigger because I was short one defenseman, but shortly after I felt maybe I shouldn't have done this trade. I know Getzlaf is ready to explode. I'm looking for a little reassurance that I made the right move.

Jay, Toronto

You made the right move, Jay. I think Getzlaf is the best player in this deal, but I think he tops out at 90 points. Roy is certainly capable of producing into the high 80s, so you only lost a tiny amount of quality on the top player and helped your depth.

Hey Dobber, I was offered a trade of Setoguchi for Mueller. What do you think? Is Setoguchi just a flash in the pan? Will Mueller suffer from the sophomore jinx?

Blake, Toronto

Do not do this trade, Blake. Peter Mueller is a better player to own than Devin Setoguchi in any fantasy format – one-year or keeper.

In a keeper pool and I'm thinking about what to do about Dustin Byfuglien. He is highly regarded in my league, but since Savard got canned his ice-time has suffered. Should I consider dropping him or trading him for a RW I really need?

Scott, Oshawa, Ont.

Get whatever you can for him. As you say, there is a new coach in Chicago so Byfuglien is being used differently and that doesn’t seem to be a good thing.

Who’ll get more points from here on in: Morrow, Thornton, Datsyuk or Zetterberg? Should I trade Lundqvist for any other Eastern Conference goalie? And last, should I trade Savard for Mike Richards? Thanks!

Jim, Hamilton, Ont.

Joe Thornton – never doubt Big Joe’s second half. Lundqvist – he’s as good or better than anyone else in the East so you may as well stick with him. I wouldn’t trade Marc Savard for Mike Richards, regardless of how things look right now.

Dobber, I'm in a lifetime keeper pool and was offered Wolski for Kessel. In our draft, a point is a point. I'm having a real hard time determining who has the better upside and chance of reaching their full potential. Can you help a fella out?

Dustin, Rumsey, Alta.

Sure – I would much rather own Phil Kessel. His upside is higher and he is off to a fantastic start. Wojtek Wolski is too inconsistent.

Is Steven Stamkos worth keeping on my fantasy team? Right now he hasn't scored a single point and is a minus-3.

Kevin, Detroit, Mich.

Stamkos finally notched his first point of the season Tuesday against the Leafs. It’s a start, anyway. I would give him another three weeks and re-evaluate. You don’t want to drop a rookie with this much potential, only to see him get more ice time in the second half and explode.

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