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Speed kills

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Okay, we’re going to try and mow these suckers down quick-hit style and get through as many as possible, as I’m starting to get heat from some of you. Like this first dude:


Why can you not answer these questions faster than one a week? What is it, three-hour lunches? Can't type that fast? Need help spelling? Or a minor above-the-waist injury? Please, I've asked dozens of them and you can only get to one stupid one a week. Are you related to Bettman?

Charlie, Denver


You really know how to flatter a guy.

First of all, we don’t take lunches at THN, as we’re usually too busy powering through our mid-morning nap to prepare for an afternoon of slouching and figuring out which negative angle to take on a story.

Secondly, I’ll have you know that my highest grade in high school came from my typing class. And before you wisenheimers start cracking jokes in your head, I was an honors student! (Note to self: where did it all go so horribly wrong?)

But seriously: if you were reading last year, you’d know I had no issue with doing twice-a-week mailbags. What’s changed this year is that I’m doing more work for our magazine edition, leaving me less time for web-related work.

Believe it or not, I wish I had the time to answer all the questions that are sent in. (Well, 99 percent of them, anyway.) I also wish my next blind date looks something like this.

We can’t always get what we want, is the point I’m trying to make.

Hey Adam,

First off, I wanted to say that you were head and shoulders above all the other panel members on TSN’s Off The Record the other day. Now that I'm done sucking up, I just need to know one thing. Was Fabian Brunnstrom's hat trick debut a fluke or will we be seeing him regularly from now on?

Randy Minielly, Wyoming

Hey Randy,

Thanks. Michael Landsberg and his staff are always very willing to allow me to rant for a couple segments every once in a while and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Maybe one day, if I write a book that Oprah Winfrey adds to her high-falutin’ club, he’ll let me do the “Next Question” portion of the show. But I doubt it.

I wouldn’t categorize Brunnstrom’s first NHL game performance as a fluke just yet. Certainly, I’m sure adrenaline had a lot to do with it for him. But thereafter, he’s been a bigger problem on defense (a minus-9 in his following 12 games); and on a team like the Stars that has flopped around miserably so far, it’s no wonder coach Dave Tippett hasn’t had much confidence in him.

He’ll likely find a comfort zone at some point in the season, but Dallas can’t afford to let him find it right now.


Can you please explain "deliberate offside" for me? Thanks.

Jason P. Iacona, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.


A deliberate offside, officially known as an intentional offside, is when the linesman believes the offending team went offside for the sole purpose of getting a whistle.

This usually happens when the team causing the offside has a line that’s been on the ice for too long or is killing a penalty and needs a stoppage in play.

The punishment for an intentional offside is a faceoff in the offending team’s zone.


What music do you think fits the NHL the best?

Omar Kashef, New York


Would you believe Liechtensteiner Polka? How about Guns n’ Roses, sitar style? Jug band tunes do anything for you?

I josh, of course. I think everybody knows the real answer is anything but Nickleback.


I listen to you get abused on the Mike Richards Show in Calgary and appreciate your insight. My question is concerning the salary cap projected for 2009-10. Since the Canadian dollar helped dramatically drive up the cap and now has fallen to the 80-cent mark, coupled with generally low gate attendance in a number of U.S. markets, can we expect a 10-15 percent drop in the cap? If so, what does that do to player salaries that are over the 20 percent of team cap rule (e.g. $10 million per year for a player). Should make for some bargain free agents next summer.

Dan Ryan, Montreal


It’s just another wonderful benefit of the Internet that a person in Eastern Canada can tune in to a Western Canada sports talk show (or that a dude in Wyoming can watch Canada’s version of ESPN). Glad you like hearing Mr. Richards and his partner in crime Doug Kirkwood pick on me every week or so.

Most people I’ve spoken with in the league don’t believe the drop in the cap will be that severe. But the truth of the matter is, with the uncharted economic waters the world’s economies are headed into, nobody can accurately predict what the number will be.

That said, if the upper limit does drop, it will have no impact on current contracts. No rollbacks will occur, even if a player’s salary exceeds the 20-percent maximum.

M. Proteau,

As a diehard Habs fan in the deep southwest portion of Ontario, why, and I do mean, WHY, are the Marian Gaborik-to-the-Canadiens rumors still rampant? This guy is an injury-prone player whom I doubt could add anything to the Habs other than man games missed! So why would Bob Gainey be interested in such a player?

A.J. McKee, Strathroy, Ont.

M. McKee,

Really? Those rumors are still rampant? Shows you how attuned I am to the whispers-and-lies industry.

Unless Gainey is interested in Gaborik as a rental player – in which case, he almost certainly wouldn’t need a huge ransom to acquire the Wild winger – I can’t see any scenario in which that deal gets done.

Gainey is going to have a difficult enough time re-signing Montreal’s boatload of restricted and unrestricted free agents this summer. Adding Gaborik to the long-term mix would make that job virtually impossible.


What team do you think will win the Stanley Cup?

Jared Haley, Aylmer, Que.


Glad you asked – and even gladder you didn’t read my pre-season pick (the Dallas Stars) to win the Cup. Hopefully, someone will continue asking this question at least once a month until season’s end, so I can increase my odds of being right.

For now, I’m reverting back to my pre-season pick from last year: The San Jose Sharks, who I assume will commence a 10-game losing skid now that I’ve selected them.

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