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Stars’ Nemeth gets puck under visor, has rubber eye patch as potentially scary moment turns hilarious

Patrik Nemeth nearly got a puck in the eye last night, but instead the puck got stuck between his face and visor, giving the appearance that he was wearing a puck-shaped eye patch. After removing the puck, Nemeth burst out laughing.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a puck in the eye. But it’s fun and games once again if that puck happens to get stuck and appear to be a rubber eye patch, like it did for Dallas Stars defenseman Patrik Nemeth.

Early in the second period of Monday’s game against the Flames, a bouncing puck entered the neutral zone and was chopped at by Calgary’s Jiri Hudler. The puck went sailing up and into the face of Nemeth, but somehow, instead of hitting off of his visor or catching him in the cheek, the puck managed to get wedged between Nemeth’s visor and cheek. The puck remained stuck until Nemeth pulled it out, all the while laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation:

This is one of those situations where it could have ended up poorly for Nemeth, but luckily the puck didn’t harm him and instead we all get to share a laugh about it. Much of Nemeth’s rookie season has been derailed due to an arm injury, so it’s even better to see him come back and avoid what could have been another serious injury.

In 19 games, Nemeth has tallied three assists and is averaging nearly 16:30 ice time per game.



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