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The five most bizarre music and hockey crossovers of all-time

The music world and hockey world don’t often collide, but when it does happen, the resulting material is always worth a laugh. Here are five of the strangest crossovers between music and hockey that have ever existed, including Alex Ovechkin’s ice cold stare.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It doesn’t happen often, but when the music world collides with the hockey world the outcome is usually great.

Over the weekend, former Vezina and Hart Trophy winner Jose Theodore took the stage in Montreal to play guitar alongside punk rock band NOFX. The special appearance caught many by surprise and it was an interesting sight to behold. But then there’s a different kind of great: the kind where hockey and music meet in the middle giving way for the extraordinary — and cringeworthy — to happen.

The Kris Versteeg and Jason Demers dance routine was one such instance where the hilarious happens when hockey and pop music meet. It wasn't Versteeg's first attempt at the world of pop music, either. There have been many other NHLers who've gotten into music throughout their careers, but here are the five most outlandish forays into the music scene:

5) Alex Ovechkin doesn’t blink

Katya Lel premiered the video for her song ‘Let Them Talk’ in October 2014. Coincidentally, the release was timed perfectly with the opening weeks of the NHL season, and who better to appear in the Russian pop singer’s video than Alex Ovechkin.

We have no idea what Katya Lel is saying in her song, but even if we did, it would be hard to pay attention with Ovechkin staring back at us for three straight minutes. From the start of the video until the 38-second mark, Ovechkin’s glare isn’t broken once. He’s holding the pop singer, being caressed by her and her face is right next to his, yet he doesn’t so much as blink.

4) Forgive My Misconduct & Hockey Sock Rock

Someone in the Blue Jackets organization has had to bring this up with John Davidson before right? Davidson, the president of hockey operations for Columbus, is the host of this video countdown, which comes from Super Duper Hockey Bloopers and features two equally ridiculous music videos.

The first, starring Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor and Charlie Simmer, otherwise known as the Kings’ famed ‘Triple Crown Line,' features the trio dancing in the crease, singing into sticks and showing off some moves. And if that wasn’t odd enough, there’s Hockey Sock Rock by ‘Ooh-La-La,’ a quartet featuring Davidson, Phil Esposito, Ron Duguay and Dave Maloney. The 1980s were weird.

3) ‘Lafleur!’

Guy Lafleur was selected one spot ahead of Marcel Dionne in the 1971 draft, but he comes in two spots ahead of Dionne on this list. The following tune, titled ‘Marquer un but,’ or ‘Scoring a goal,’ comes from Lafleur's disco album — yes, he had an album — titled ‘Lafleur!’

The song itself isn’t altogether that strange, but the fact that Lafleur released an entire disco album is. Imagine if P.K. Subban put out a pop album in Montreal today.

Actually, we might want to hear that.

2) Can’t Touch A Flame When It’s Red Hot

This submission comes courtesy of THN’s Matt Larkin. The 1986 Calgary Flames released this absolute gem of a music video for a song titled ‘Can’t Touch A Flame When It’s Red Hot,’ which looks like any old tribute video until Lanny MacDonald’s legendary mustache fills the frame. That’s when business really picks up.

The video features Mike Vernon, Al MacInnis, Tim Hunter, Gary Suter, Gary Roberts and, most spectacularly, a young Brett Hull. It’s hard to believe this was a thing that actually happened, but apparently team-made music videos were all the rage in the 1980s.

1) Don Cherry’s Techno Hit

Don Cherry’s ‘Rock‘Em, Sock‘Em’ movies are inching closer to 30 years in existence, but nothing associated with the films will ever be as strange to watch as this music video released in 1992.

There’s so much to enjoy about the video: Cherry’s odd swim moves, the way he rhymes and his repeated shouting of, “Let’s go!” all makes this an instant classic. And, of course, there’s the reference to Cherry’s all-time favorite player, Bobby Orr. Take a listen:


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