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The Good, the Bad and the Vegas: A look at the new NHL jerseys

The NHL and Adidas unveiled new jerseys for all 31 teams. How did everyone make out? Let's take a look.

The NHL unveiled its new Adidas jerseys Tuesday night for all 31 teams. Yes, the Vegas Golden Knights officially have sweaters now. But how did everyone make out? Early buzz online for certain franchises was scathing and while that tends to happen with every redesign, I think it’s fair to say that no one looks awful right now. Were there some misfires? Sure, but we also got some new gems. The biggest difference in these editions are the inside collars – some of which have team mottos, others have patterns, like Nashville’s piano keys – but since you’re not going to see those when you’re watching a game, I’m sticking to the outside of the jerseys. Let’s take a look at the Good, the Bad and the Vegas.


Minnesota Wild


No franchise won this redesign more than the Wild. Minnesota had good uniforms to begin with, but the addition of the white stripe in the middle takes it to another level. Not only that, but the new ‘M’ shoulder logo (cribbed from the team’s old script jersey) is awesome.

San Jose Sharks


Again, San Jose pretty much always has great uniforms thanks to their unique teal color scheme, but the Sharks win again here. The shoulder logo, a fierce alternate biting shark, looks great, while the stripes on the arms are tight.

Montreal Canadiens


When redesigning the Habs’ sweater, your first job is to do no harm. Adidas has succeeded here, introducing the new design elements without distracting from the classic look of Montreal’s uniform. Perhaps most important here is the treatment of the collar. You get your old-school laces, which is always nice, but the white collar itself works, without being too distracting (this may be a problem for clubs like the Rangers and Sabres, but I have to see them on the ice before I pass judgment).


Edmonton Oilers


I’ll say this: I’m pro-orange when it comes to the Oilers. It’s bold and it’s fun. So my quarrel doesn’t come there. My problem is with the striping, which looks really out of place, particularly at the bottom of the sweater. That dark navy blue just doesn’t work – it almost looks black and just comes across as jarring. The lighter orange base isn’t as good as last year’s more vibrant hue, either. Fans don’t seem to be on board and along with Nashville (which I’m actually fine with), this sweater seems to be getting the most down votes.

Calgary Flames


Calgary had a chance for a do-over here and didn’t take it. Call me old-school, but black is not a Flames color – you go red, yellow and white, like Joe Nieuwendyk is still on the ice. I’ve also never been a fan of the flags on the shoulders; you’re not Canada’s team and you’re not even Alberta’s team – you share the latter designation with Edmonton and the former doesn’t exist.

Colorado Avalanche


On the positive side of the ledger, I really like the Avs’ shoulder logo (the state flag ‘C’). This one isn’t as bad as the other two, but it just seems lacking in a general sense. The solid arm stripe and big mountainous stripe on the bottom is just too 1980s for me and the design overall is just really plain.



It’s finally here. The Golden Knights have a nice initial sweater here, probably a B or B+ overall. The logo is great (we knew that already) and I really like that they went with grey as the base instead of black – it just distinguishes them a little more. I’m not wild about the arm stripes (thinner and maybe no red would have been my vote) and it will look a little like an intrasquad game when they play Anaheim, but this is a solid entry overall. My best compliment? They look like a team that has been around for years already.

Have a look at every team's new jerseys below:




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