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The WHL Best Name of the Year bracket

Uniqueness is the common thread in some pretty original names in the Western League, but which one sums up the junior circuit best? We're asking for your help in figuring that out.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Western League is known for producing elite defensemen and rugged hockey, but lately the junior circuit has also given us some of the most unique names in the game, too. In fact, there are so many great monikers in the league that we had to put together a tournament and we want you to vote on it.

What makes a great name from 'The Dub?' Originality is a must. You're not going to find any Mikes or Daves on this list. And even if you had heard the name before, it's likely not going to be spelled the way you would think. In fact, you may question whether there are too many or not enough letters in both first and last names. And there's an odd amount of great Scrabble letters involved – Z,K, and Y are very prominent. Voting will take place on Twitter, with the first round starting today and ending Friday at noon Eastern. Here are the pairings for our 32-player March Madness-style bracket:

Kord Pankewicz (Lethbridge) vs. Grayson Pawlenchuk (Red Deer)

Beck Malenstyn (Calgary) vs. Schael Higson (Saskatoon)

Dysin Mayo (Edmonton) vs. Gunnar Wegleitner (Everett)

Keegan Kanzig (Victoria) vs. Kaden Elder (Seattle)

Coleman Vollrath (Victoria) vs. River Beattie (Kootenay)

Jaimen Yakubowski (Moose Jaw) vs. Keoni Texeira (Portland)

Jayce Hawryluk (Brandon) vs. Jackson Whistle (Kelowna)

Rykr Cole (Regina) vs. Chaz Reddekopp (Victoria)

Carsen Twarynski (Calgary) vs. Bryton Sayers (Lethbridge)

Kayle Doetzel (Red Deer) vs. Braylon Shmyr (Brandon)

Keanu Yamamoto (Spokane) vs. Chasetan Braid (Saskatoon)

Ayrton Nikkel (Swift Current) vs. Nolan Volcan (Seattle)

Chance Braid (Prince George) vs. Levi Cable (Kootenay)

Kohl Bauml (Everett) vs. Austin Vetterl (Kootenay)

Zak Zborosky (Kootenay) vs. Taz Burman (Red Deer)

Ryely McKinstry (Vancouver) vs. Colton Waltz (Brandon)



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