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Valerie Muller, Turtleford, Sask.

Out in the west, the Coyotes sing the Blues,

Predators in the Wild,

Kings searching like Sharks for food.

The Ducks, Redwings and Blackhawks,

Are circling all the Stars,

Like Blue Jackets awaiting the Avalanche,

Threatening to fill the many bars.

The Oilers ignite the Flames while the Canadiens all proclaim

That hockey is our game, as the fans all go insane.

The Senators vote and the Maple Leafs fly,

And we oft called Canucks, cheer the players by and by.

While in the east the Hurricanes begin their assault,

Lightning hits the Capitals, like Devils are about.

The Penguins are like Thrashers casting Sabres at the shore,

While the Islanders become Panthers,

Flyers racing like Bruins to the fore.

Leaving one and all unprotected,

Lone Rangers of days no more.

Fans love their hockey, and cheering for their team.

The cross-border shopping, and living out their dreams.

When the puck drops, the Stanley Cup race begins,

And Hockey Night in Canada is on the tube again.

With he shoots... he scores... the awaited for refrain.

This game will go on forever,

Players vying for the Hall of Fame!


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