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This Week in The Hockey News magazine: September 14, 2015

It’s THN’s Future Of Hockey Issue, where we look at where our game will be in five, 15 and 25 years. Where are we headed with training, gear and how we play and watch the sport? We’ve got the crystal ball…

It’s THN’s Future Of Hockey Issue, where we look at where our game will be in five, 15 and 25 years. Where are we headed with training, gear and how we play and watch the sport? Included in the issue: Jason Kay explains why change is inevitable, and if we listened to the purists we’d be playing seven a side with no forward passing. The Islanders new future is in Brooklyn. We all know that, but we didn’t know about their unique business deal with Barclays…until now. We explain “The Nash Trick” – the one feat in NHL history that only Rick Nash has accomplished. Is DNA testing the next frontier in training? How will players be equipped in the future? We’ve got you covered from helmet to skate blade. The face of hockey is changing as new hotbeds emerge from the U.S. Sunbelt all the way to China. HDTV? That’s so 2008. Look out for 4K resolution on your TV – and a host of other features to keep you glued to the “tube.” Players are bigger and faster than ever, but will the trend continue? Advanced stats have taken the hockey world by storm, but is there one single metric that can tell us a player’s worth? Climate change is endangering the outdoor game. But a movement is afoot to change that trend. We answer the 10 most burning questions for the future, including fighting, the CBA, Olympic participation and more. Everyone remembers Fox’s “glow puck.” Thankfully we’ll never see that again, but new tracking technology will change the way the game is coached and officiated. The fan experience will look vastly different in the near future. The walls are breaking down – and the bathroom lines are getting shorter. How long until we see a true virtual reality hockey video game experience? And will the gamers someday be as popular as the real players? In NHL Team Reports: We look at the outlook for the Stars, Red Wings, Ducks, Avalanche, Oilers, Rangers, Flyers and Leafs, plus “One To Watch” for all 30 NHL clubs. In Prospect Report: Can we keep up with the “jersey-flapping” speed of Jets prospect Kyle Connor? And Ryan Kennedy wonders if the CHL’s Euro-goalie ban is doing more harm than good. In Strange But True, Stan Fischler tells the almost unbelievable tale of how Frank Mahovlich was almost traded for today’s equivalent of $95 million. And Ken Campbell weighs in on the World Cup. Can it ever replace the Olympics?

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The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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