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I’m not saying Sergei Fedorov’s family and friends in his native country are blessed with psychic abilities, but according to the new Washington Capitals center, a few people back in Russia had an eerie inkling regarding his post-Columbus destination.

“People in Moscow knew about my trade to Washington probably (the) day before people in North America would know,” Fedorov told The Hockey News Tuesday. “I don’t know how that happened, but before I got the (official) news, I had already received a few phone calls from Russia, from my friends, from friends of my father and my brother.

“I was like, ‘What are you guys talking about?’ I didn’t know what was going on.”

Me neither, Sergei. But if you don’t mind having your people send over next week’s winning lottery numbers right away, I’d appreciate it greatly.

• What’s this? Real, indisputable facts that visor-wearing hockey players are much safer on the ice than those who don’t don eye protection?

It sure is.

As noted in a great story in today’s Toronto Star, all the anti-visor dogma (e.g. “mandatory shields would lead to even more reckless stick-work and impede the ability of players to fight”) amounts to a hill of beans.

The proof can be found in the American League, which made visors a non-negotiable component of players’ equipment for the start of its 2006-07 campaign.

Since that time, the AHL has seen more than a 40 percent drop in major stick infractions, as well as more than a 15 percent decrease in stick minors.

Oh, and as for that expected decrease in fisticuffs? This year, the AHL’s fighting numbers have risen above what they were prior to last season.

I’m sure Don Cherry will interrupt whatever he’s doing today and demand immediate TV and radio time so he can renounce his visorphobe leanings and get with the program.

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