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The Hockey News

A recent poll of all 30 NHL teams done by The Hockey News revealed half the league is now wearing visors (you can read the full story, including visor counts for each squad, in the Nov. 6 issue).

I’ve long been a proponent of grandfathering in mandatory visors and with that in mind, two points really jumped out at me when reading the story.

First, Ottawa – the NHL’s top team – leads the league with 15 players sporting shields.

Second, 17 of the top 20 scoring leaders – as of publication – don eye protection.

I respect a player’s right to choose, but anyone who suggests wearing a visor hinders your ability to play the game is full of it.

The numbers simply prove otherwise.

The argument around visors often revolves around the league and union coming to a collective agreement, but what baffles me is the fact owners aren’t pushing harder to make them mandatory.

If I’m shilling out millions of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, to have a player on the ice to help my team and entertain my team’s fans, the last thing I want is him sitting in the press box with an eye injury.

DISAPPEARING ACT After selling out their first game at the newly-built Prudential Center (17,625), attendance for the Devils second home date was announced at 13,218 (I say ‘announced’ because the number of actual butts in seats was far less).

Yes, it was Halloween and, yes, the Lightning are far from a rival, but it has to more than a little disconcerting to owner Jeff Vanderbeek to see the tempting waft of that new-arena smell dissipate so quickly.

SHUDDER TO THINK It’s not too often it happens, but web columnist Adam Proteau really dropped the ball yesterday when he left two of the more obvious scary NHLer names – Miro Satan and Garth Butcher - off the list in his Halloween-themed blog Tuesday.

Thanks to Dennis Pittman of Williamstown, N.J., and Jason from Summerfield, N.B., for the heads up.

CINEMA NOIR I’ve basically been culturally blacked-out for the past two months trying to get the new up and running, so if you’ve seen any good movies lately, I’d be much obliged if you’d post some titles in the feedback below so I can catch up.

Cheers. I hope you’re enjoying the new site.


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