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• Minnesota-based player agent Neil Sheehy – who, at the urging of his client, former NHLer Trent Klatt, was one of the most dogged detractors of former NHL Players' Association executive director Ted Saskin – wished to follow up on the column in which I quoted him last week.

“It's important to note Trent Klatt's complaint was not about the CBA,” Sheehy said in a phone conversation Friday. “It was not about Bob Goodenow being replaced as executive director. It was about ‘process' – and a few people making decisions for the entire union, which violated every NHLPA member's rights.

“The prominent agent (anonymously quoted in the story as wanting) to move on likely wanted to move when Ted Saskin was pillaging players' constitutional rights and their right to privacy,” Sheehy added. “He likely buried his head in the sand without any regard for the truth. If we listened to agents like this one, Ted Saskin would still be the executive director and NHLPA members' rights would continue to be compromised.

“It is no wonder this agent wants to be anonymous. It is not time to move on. It is time to stop, cleanse the union and get it right. It is time to achieve Trent Klatt's goal of making sure this type of hijacking by a “few” can never happen again.”

• The Maple Leafs/Blackhawks game Saturday night was fast-paced and exciting. But one thing it surely could've done without was another completely inauthentic, fight-for-fighters'-sake between David Koci and Wade Belak.

The scrap (which took place at 9:29 of the first period, when the teams were tied at a goal apiece) was a classic example of a young goon (Chicago's Koci) attempting to “prove himself” the sole way he can at the NHL level – by throwing down with an established fighter.

The fight (as well as Belak and Koci) ultimately had zero impact on the game, and served only to underscore the fact that the career enforcer is an embarrassing relic deserving of banishment into the sport's history books as soon as possible.



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