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From The Hockey News’ Department Of John Tortorella Watching: Congratulations to the former Lightning coach and god’s gift to hockey writers on his new gig as a member of the G*#@&!% Media. And my compliments to him on the latest in an increasing line of burned bridges.

In saying he has “zero respect” for new Bolts owners Oren Koules and Len Barrie – who he referred to as “a couple of cowboys”– TSN’s rookie NHL analyst guaranteed there won’t soon be a Tortorella Tribute Night (where one presumes the man’s peerless sneer would be raised to the rafters of the St. Pete Times Forum) in Tampa Bay.

Koules and Barrie’s plan to turn around the Lightning may eventually prove to be a disaster. But at least they’ve managed to avoid the low road in responding to Tortorella’s verbal boot to their babymakers.

And if the Bolts do follow through on their intent to bring playoff hockey back to Tampa Bay, I’m absolutely certain Tortorella’s sure-to-follow, tear-riddled, public apology will easily make amends.

From The Hockey News’ Department Of Non-NHL News That Still Seems Ominous For The NHL: According to the Sports Business Journal, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to league employees warning that league revenues were “under pressure.”

The SBJ spoke with an NFL business consultant who said Internet and mobile platforms were underperforming “(n)ot just for the NFL, but for all leagues,” adding, “you can’t overstate the impact the auto industry’s problems have with the NFL and every other sport.”

Naturally, this means hockey fans should expect two things:

1. We may finally start seeing year-to-year rises in the NHL’s salary cap maximum slow down. Or stop. Or head in the opposite direction.

2. Very shortly, the NHL will send out a press release of its own, stating business has never been better and will stay that way, forever and ever, amen.

From The Hockey News’ Movie Review Corner: I just saw Death Race, starring Jason Statham and Jason Statham’s abs.

It was a competently constructed exercise in over-the-top gore, but most disturbing of all was Joan Allen’s face, which, in direct defiance of global warming, has frozen solid. Two barely perceptible raised eyebrows for her and this movie!

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