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The Hockey News

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup final was easily the best game of the series, thanks mostly to Sidney Crosby’s offensive heroics and Marc-Andre Fleury’s prowess in the Penguins net.

Sure, the Pens hung on for dear life in the third period – and I still believe Detroit will make the most of their home ice advantage to win it all – but it was tremendous to see Pittsburgh not roll over and expire like many expected them to.

• U.S. veiwers, unfortunately, didn't get to see it, but the ceremonial puck drop that took place in honor of Scotty Bowman was highly entertaining.

For those who missed it, the legendary coach strode out onto the red carpet, turned quickly to drop the puck between Crosby and Nicklas Lidstrom, and was halfway back to the bench by the time Penguins P.A. address announcer John Barbaro finally said his name.

For a second, I thought I was watching it on time-lapse camera, a la Benny Hill. But it was all business for Bowman, which is quite apt given the similar philosophy that marked his career behind the bench.

• So Mats Sundin is exploring “options” other than re-signing with Toronto, eh? What a hoot that is.

If the Leafs captain thought his name was dragged through the mud when he refused to waive his no-trade clause this past spring – ostensibly, because of his undying love for the franchise – he’ll look back on that time fondly compared to the endless fury he’s bound to face if he signs with another team.

As well, for Sundin to imply the direction the franchise is heading in will affect his decision is absolutely hilarious. He could’ve greatly aided Toronto’s direction by agreeing to be traded, then returning this summer. But he selfishly stuck to his guns – and because of that, the Leafs have a slimmer shot at contending for a playoff spot.

There’s probably only one person with connections to the city who would love to see Sundin in another NHL jersey. And that person is Vince Carter, who’d no longer be the most reviled ex-Toronto athlete.


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