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The Panthers and Maple Leafs are both expected to make big changes to their looks in time for the 2016-17 season. Which other NHL teams are in need of new looks?
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Rebranding professional sports teams is not a new or unusual concept. In their 45 years of existence the Vancouver Canucks have had enough logos and jerseys to cover off all the colors of the rainbow. The Florida Panthers
made headlines last week by announcing they were going to make sweeping changes to their logo, colors, and uniforms -- then the Toronto Maple Leafs stole their thunder when reports surfaced that they were going to
make changes to their iconic logo and uniform as part of their centennial season in 2016-17. That got us thinking -- which NHL teams actually need a logo or uniform refresh? Here are the answers.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News


The Carolina Hurricanes. It's never easy to represent weather in a logo but, even by weather standards, the eye of the storm in Carolina's crest is awfully vague to me. Like a kid got lucky playing with a spirograph (remember those?). It shouldn't be difficult to top. Also, how about a break from black and especially red? If I'm counting correctly, 12 current NHL teams have a red sweater in their uniform rotation. I also wouldn't mind a change for the Washington Capitals, simply because I'm biased against team logos that are words instead of images. I've always found that lazy. (
Matt Larkin)

The Hockey News

The Hockey News


The Senators have the worst primary logo in the NHL – yes, worse than all the ferocious animals. It’s not a terrible concept, and it’s obvious they were trying to modernize their original logo, but it’s poorly executed. If you break it down, the logo is just a man’s face. That’s weird. Plenty of pro sports teams feature faces, but it’s always just a profile. The Senators took a
fantastic logo, and turned into an amateur-looking, childish, 3D version of itself by rotating it. The Senators have a history of awful logo/jersey concepts (
Exhibit A), but also have one the best throwbacks. They could do themselves a big favour by going to the
classic ‘O’ logo full time. (
Ian Denomme)

The Hockey News

The Hockey News


After the Ducks were sold to current owner Henry Samueli, one of the first moves was an attempt to distance the club from its Disney roots. That meant dropping Mighty from their moniker and ridding themselves of their longtime logo. In disassociating themselves from all things Disney, though, the Ducks went a bit too far — they took away everything that made the team unique. The Ducks’ eggplant and jade color scheme was one of the best in the league. Anaheim’s current black, gold and white color scheme is bland compared to what once was, and it’s hard not to wonder if the Ducks couldn’t have simply spruced up the look by altering the jersey’s template. The webbed ‘D’ logo isn’t the worst in the league, but there’s so much more that could have been done. Say what you will for the cartoonish logo, but it stood out and it looked great. There’s a reason why the Ducks brought it back for their alternate jersey, and there’s a reason why that was met with such fanfare. (
Jared Clinton)

The Hockey News

The Hockey News


From the etch-a-sketch look of the early design to the present day logo that looks like it should be on a high school team’s football helmet, the Coyotes have never quite gotten it right. As it stands now, the canine creature on the front of their sweaters looks as though he’s howling at the moon with his eyes closed. He actually looks like he’s in pain, as though he’s had to make that god awful trip from downtown Phoenix to the rink in Glendale too many times. Surely, they can make this Coyote look a little more menacing. I’m not telling you how to do your jobs, but if you’re looking for a template for a rabid canine, you might want to start with my hometown Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario League. Now there’s a creature to be feared. (
Ken Campbell)



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