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Tie Domi speaks out and accepts blame for failed marriage

"I have been reluctant to comment publicly during this period because I did not wish to trigger yet further stories and speculation. In particular, I hoped to spare our three children any added spectacle," Domi said in a 425-word statement sent to the media.

"However, ongoing public assertions by Leanne have persuaded me that I should make a statement this one time to correct the public record."

Domi did not comment on allegations by his wife that he's been involved with Stronach and actress Tia Carrere, which have played prominently on front pages and call-in radio shows across Canada.

The allegations were contained in a divorce application filed last week by Leanne Domi.

In her first interview since details of the divorce broke, Stronach said Wednesday she would neither confirm nor deny a relationship with Domi.

"Whether it's true, it's false or it's just the opinions of others, I'm not prepared to talk about my personal life at this moment," she said.

"Right now it's a matter that is before the courts between two individuals and they need to sort it out."

As a former fan favourite with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Domi is not new to the spotlight, but the last few days have been difficult, he said, particularly because of the impact on his children.

"I am accustomed to public scrutiny and well aware that even profoundly personal matters can become fodder for gossip and rumour," he said.

"At all times, my highest priority has been to minimize the pain of this ordeal for Carlin, Max and Avery ... I want them to grow up enjoying a healthy and strong relationship with both their mother and their father."

He said the couple's marital problems go back several years and admitted he was not without blame.

"We have worked hard on our marriage but, sadly, it has been a struggle. I accept my part of the responsibility for the failure of our marriage but it has, indisputably, been a shared failure," he said.

Domi said in his statement he's instructed his lawyers to come up with a fair and generous final settlement for his estranged wife and children. The couple's lawyers have already agreed to a preliminary settlement that includes granting her custody of the children and covering her legal fees.

Leanne Domi claimed in her divorce application that her husband hid the details of his assets from her and tried to bully her into not hiring a lawyer.

"He told me if I kept quiet and didn't hire a lawyer he would give me $1 million in cash and buy me a house for $1.5 million. He told me that if I did hire a lawyer, I would 'get nothing,"' she alleged.

"He told me that if I 'went through lawyers' he would show that 'all we have is debt."'

Domi denied those allegations.

"At all times, I have been forthright and frank in the disclosure of my financial situation. I am absolutely committed to meeting my responsibilities, including my financial responsibilities, to the family."

Domi also said he took offence to published reports that a restraining order was issued against him, "as if to imply falsely that a threat was posed at some point. That is not and has never been the case."

The court documents do state, however, that Domi "be restrained from molesting, annoying or harassing Leanne Domi or from communicating with Leanne Domi."

Domi said his statement would be the last time he would discuss his divorce in the media.

"This is a painful and private matter," he said. "It is not my intention to speak again about it in public."

But Domi will not disappear from the public eye anytime soon; he's scheduled to begin a new job as a hockey analyst with TSN starting Oct. 3.



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