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Tomas Hertl, not a fan of Don Cherry - and why would he be?

Early this season, Tomas Hertl scored a highlight between-the-legs goal that Don Cherry was not a fan of, because it was scored at the end of a blowout. Making the rounds today is an interview Hertl did with a Czech website, in which he makes it clear: he's not fan of Grapes.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

When Tomas Hertl capped off a four-goal game against the New York Rangers early in this season, he did it with a showtime between-the-legs breakaway goal that basically ended the career of Martin Biron.

The flashy goal made it 8-2 San Jose and sparked ridiculous outrage over whether or not it was so pretty it hurt the Rangers' feelings.

Nevermind this is the entertainment business. Nevermind it was a home game for the Sharks. Nevermind the Rangers were brutal and laid an egg. And nevermind Hertl was early in his rookie season, trying to make an impression and do a job. The "debate," if you can even call it that, was probably started by this Coach's Corner segment from Don Cherry.

The Hertl segment begins at about the 6:20 mark:

Making its way around the Twitterverse today is an interview Hertl did with a Czech website that was translated into English at Europe Loves Hockey. Here is what the young Sharks star said about Cherry:

Would you do that again? (his famous move during his 4 goal night)

Of course I would! It would be making fun of somebody if I went to their bench and shouted something at them. But this? After all it was only Cherry who was really occupied with this thing and we all know he does not like Europeans. If you look closer who scores beautiful goals like that, it is mostly European players like Datsyuk and Forsberg. He as a Canadian does not like them, his reputation is built on that.

Have you ever met him?

No. I do not even want to. They would stab me in Canada if I said something against him. My teammates watch him all the time even though he says bullshit about players. I leave the room when I see him on TV. And his clothes...

You think Canadians have something against Europeans?

They want to show that hockey is their sport. They want to knock you down but it is not like they don't like Europeans in general.

Yea, seems like other journalists like you over there.

They are cool. Only few people had the same opinion as Cherry. Even Biron said that my move was sick.

Tomas Hertl, not a fan of Grapes. But we're all fans of Hertl. And why not? He's an exciting player who has the skill to pull of a difficult move like this an actual NHL game.

Don't want a goal like that scored against your team? Try harder.

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