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Top 5 Most Memorable Hockey Quotes of All Time

Sometimes in hockey, there are quotes that come from players, coaches, and media that last longer than last the test of time. Here are five of the best.
John Tortorella

Hockey may not have as many memorable quotes as basketball or football, and maybe because the sport isn't always in the spotlight like the others. But there's been no shortage of absolute gold in the NHL, so let us take a look at some of the best (and, no, the Wayne Gretzky quote wasn't included because everyone knows that one):

"I can't hear what Jeremy says because I have my two Stanley Cup rings plugged in my ear" - Patrick Roy 

Jeremy Roenick and Patrick Roy had a spirited back and forth during the 1996 Stanley Cup playoffs. Roenick, playing with Chicago at the time, told reporters that Roy was probably getting his jock out of the United Center rafters after Game 3 of their series after Roy said he'd stop him on a penalty shot. 

Roy, playing for Colorado, proceeded to remind Roenick who had more championships between the two. Admit it, even if you're a Blackhawks fan, you couldn't help but laugh.

"The Americans had our flag on their floor in the dressing room and now I want to know if they want us to sign it". -Hayley Wickenheiser 

The gold medal game in Salt Lake City in 2002 between Canada and USA was as good as it gets. 

After rumors emerged that the Americans had placed the Canadian flag on its dressing room floor, Hayley Wickenheiser kept it candid after Canada avenged its 1998 loss in Nagano to their border rivals. 

Both sides denied the incident happened, but at the moment, it was an interview that Canadians got behind after an incredibly hard-fought game and officiating that saw 13 penalties for Canada compared to just four for the Americans. 

"We'll Win Tonight" -Mark Messier 

With his New York Rangers down 3-2 during the 1994 Eastern Conference final against the New Jersey Devils, Mark Messier called his shot going into Game 6 with a quote that was seen on the front page across New York City newspapers. 

Messier's guarantee would come true as he'd put up a hat trick in the Rangers 4-2 win to force Game 7. Over a week later, the Rangers won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 54 years.

"I guess that's what I'm saying, Brooksie" -John Tortorella 

The battles between John Tortorella and New York Post hockey writer Larry Brooks have become staples of post-game hockey lore. 

After a 2007 playoff game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and New Jersey Devils, Tortorella – then with the Lightning – got into an exchange with the reporter after Brooks asked why Tortorella was not answering questions about the game. The two have had many more encounters but this one has lasted the longest and been replayed the most on highlight shows. 

"They're going home!" -Bob Cole 

The catalog of Bob Cole game calls spans decades, but his call from a 1976 game between the Soviet Red Army and the Philadelphia Flyers is one that has stood the test of time. 

After a hit from the Flyers' Ed Van Impe on Red Army star Valeri Kharlamov left Kharlamov lying prone on the ice with no penalty being called for the hit, coach Konstantin Loktev pulled his team from the ice. 

The footage of one of the top teams in Soviet hockey history skating off the Philadelphia Spectrum ice is one of the most surprising mid-game scenes as the boos reigned down on the visitors. It was a simple call from Cole, but one that's easily memorable.



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