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Two Minutes in the Box: Curtis Glencross

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Hockey News: What was your welcome to the NHL moment?

Curtis Glencross: I think my first game when I got my first goal. I got it in my first game on my second shift. Either that or just coming out there on the ice for pre-game warmup and looking around and you’re like “Wow, this is pretty cool.”

THN: What was your last job before hockey?

CG: My last job before hockey was working at the livestock auction market, chasing cows. My dad runs an auction market.

THN: Who is your road roommate and how is he?

CG: My roommate is Rene Bourque and he’s good. We have the same schedule, same itinerary and everything and it’s nice to have a guy on the same page as you.

THN: Which current NHLer do you think is a lock for the Hall of Fame?

CG: I think Jarome Iginla. Iggy, Crosby, all them guys. There are a lot of really talented players out now and it’s too bad the Hall of Fame isn’t big enough for all these guys coming up.

THN: What city do you think should have an NHL team that doesn’t?

CG: I think we could use another Canadian city. You look around the league and all the support you get throughout Canada, it’s somewhere where we could have another team.

THN: Ideally, how many teams do you think there should be in the league?

CG: I think it’s pretty good right now. I don’t know if we really need too many more teams. I’m sure there could be more teams; there are a lot of good hockey players around that could probably play in the league and there’s just not enough room for them, it’s what happens.

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