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Vin Scully to return for 66th season with Dodgers - listen to his story about skating against Jackie Robinson

Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully will return for a 66th season on the airwaves, so we'll take this opportunity to recall the time he told a story about skating in a race against Jackie Robinson.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Vin Scully is a Major League Baseball icon and Hall of Famer who never played the game as a professional. For 65 years, dating all the way back to the days when the National League's Dodgers played out of Brooklyn, he has been the play-by-play voice of the team. He's literally a one-man show - Scully calls the game and does the color commentary all by himself. He's as good a story teller as he is a caller of baseball games. And last night the gods smiled: Scully announced he would return to the Dodgers in 2015 for his 66th season. What does his announcement have to do with hockey? Well, nothing really. But it does give us an opportunity to recall a story Scully told in May of 2012 during a Dodgers-Giants game. In it, Scully remembers the time he went skating with the legendary Jackie Robinson and his wife - and that Robinson wanted to race Scully. The problem was, Robinson had never skated before. Scully, on the other hand, was an East Coast guy who was familiar with the sport. But I'll stop now. Let's hear Scully tell the story:

Tremendous. There's also this picture floating around of Scully and Robinson that looks like they're about to race each other on skates. Not sure if this picture was taken on the same day as Scully's story, but it's a very cool look into the past that really puts in perspective just how long Scully has been in the game.

Never leave, Vin.

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The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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