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Vladimir Tarasenko puts puck on a literal string for sneaky shootout goal

St. Louis Blues sniper Vladimir Tarasenko is usually powering through defenders and blasting pucks past goaltenders, but he showed off some creativity in a pre-season fan showcase in the KHL by putting the puck on a literal string.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Some fans of St. Louis Blues sniper Vladimir Tarasenko refer to the 24-year-old as ‘Tank,’ and while Tarasenko himself isn’t too fond of the nickname, the moniker makes sense. He can power through opponents, run them over and when he gets some space to let a shot go, he’ll blow a puck past the world’s best netminders.

But just because Tarasenko is one of the league’s most dangerous and powerful forwards doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a knack for showing some creative flare. He’s shown his creative side with dazzling one-handed goals and has turned numerous defenders inside out with quick one-on-one moves. At a fan event held by the KHL’s Sibir Novosibirsk, though, Tarasenko went one step further with his on-ice trickery.

During a breakaway competition, Tarasenko skated across the blueline and tight in on goal before slipping the puck out wide, as if to pass it on a 2-on-0. The move to shift the puck to his right would have been a blunder under any normal circumstances, but Tarasenko had the puck attached to a string on his blade, allowing him to pull it back to his forehand out of nowhere:

If you’re wondering whether or not this was planned out between Tarasenko and the netminder, watch how the goalie reacts once the puck goes by him. The exasperated shrug sure makes it seem like the goaltender had no idea what was coming.

If the move looks somewhat familiar, there’s good reason for that. This isn’t the first time Tarasenko has pulled the move off. During the 2012 KHL All-Star Game, Tarasenko pulled off the same move. This time, though, the camera work ahead of the goal showed off how the trick was done. The fishing line — or at least that’s what it appears to be — could be seen attached to the blade of Tarasenko’s stick.

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