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Watch Don Cherry's dance party in New York's Times Square

At the beginning of Coach's Corner after the first period of Game 4, a Don Cherry music video from Times Square flashed the screen. Check it out...and let us know what you think.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Los Angeles Kings, with a 3-0 series advantage, had a chance to win the Stanley Cup Wednesday night in New York. So you know what that means: a) lots of nervous Rangers fans b) lots of anxious Kings fans c) the Cup is in the building d) and Don Cherry's dancing? You'd think by now that this is a game of "Which One Of These Things Does Not Belong?" but then, you probably didn't see Cherry warn us all about this earlier in the day via Twitter.

So, we knew something was up. Did it have to do with the Stanley Cup? Was Cherry going to do a man-on-the-street segment? Was he going to bodycheck random passers by? We found out what Cherry was in Times Square for alright, but I still don't understand "why." At the start of Coach's Corner came this music video gem that Cherry, apparently, did as part of a bet. He must have lost, but this is both hilarious and...I'll go with strange.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

"Seemed like a good idea at the time," Cherry said when the camera returned to him and Ron MacLean on set. It's not Grapes' first foray into the music video industry though. May I turn your attention to this oldie (but very goodie) from Rock 'Em Sock 'Em. Let's Go!

So the crucial question here is: which one is better? Or, maybe more appropriately, which one is worse?

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