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Watch P.K. Subban join a group of kids, play street hockey

P.K. Subban continues to be one of the most fun personalities in hockey and it was on display during a random encounter with some young Canadiens fans. Seeing the young Habs fans playing street hockey, Subban joined in to take a few shots on the young netminder and even found time to make fun of teammate Max Pacioretty.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Whether you're a fan of the Montreal Canadiens and P.K. Subban or not, it's near impossible not to enjoy his infectious attitude.

Subban added another example to the long list of great, fun-loving things he has done over his short career this past weekend when, randomly, he joined a group of kids playing street hockey. Subban, a Norris Trophy winner and perennial all-star, took a bit off of his shot when testing the young netminder's mettle, but the Canadiens' star blueliner didn't hold back when it came time to celebrate his goals. Take a look:

There are few things better about this video than Subban's running commentary as he helps operate the 2-on-1. It's like listening to every kid who has ever played street hockey running with the ball en route to scoring what would surely be the Stanley Cup-winning goal. Before he does that, though, Subban also got a dig in at teammates Alex Galchenyuk and Max Pacioretty, saying the breakaway attempt would decide which player he was pretending to be: scoring means Galchenyuk, missing means Pacioretty.

The goaltender, a young man named Jack, was wearing a Canadiens jersey, so it's no wonder Subban spotted him and decided to take a few shots. We would guess there's almost no chance Jack doesn't remain a fan of the Habs after his run-in with Subban.


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