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Watch Sharks’ Thornton get ejected for spear to midsection of Blues’ Stastny

Joe Thornton hit the showers early on Saturday night, getting tagged with a major and game misconduct for a spear on Blues center Paul Stastny. Officials made the right call, too.
via NHL/Streamable

via NHL/Streamable

Joe Thornton has never been all that afraid of mixing it up or using some stick work here and there to let opponents know he’s going to be in their face all night, but even the most wily of veterans can have their best attempt at a sneakily dirty play backfire. That’s exactly what happened midway through the Sharks’ Saturday meeting with the St. Louis Blues.

Shortly after the midway point of the second period, Thornton got mixed up with Blues center Paul Stastny, who delivered a subtle hack to the upper thigh of Thornton. As retaliation, Thornton used his stick blade as a pitchfork and dropped a slight stab into the gut area of Stastny, causing him to buckle and stumble before he got back to his feet.

At the time the play happened, it was hard to tell exactly what referees were about to tag Thornton for, but the eagle-eyed officials picked up the spear and they came down hard on Thornton for his transgression. He was handed a major penalty for spearing and given the gate:

The more rough and tumble of hockey fans may look at the play and scoff at Thornton getting handed both a major and game misconduct for a spear that really didn’t look all that bad, but by the letter of the law, the officials got it right.

Rule 62 pertains to spearing, and the penalties handed out for Thornton’s actions fit the crime. According to rule 62.3, a major penalty is handed out to any player who spears an opponent and makes contact, with rule 62.5 indicating that any major penalty for spearing is to be paired with a game misconduct. The only thing that would have saved Thornton in this instance — aside from, you know, not spearing Stastny — would have been if he missed Stastny with the stick. A spearing attempt that misses an opponent can be met with a double minor.

While there’s no certainty that Thornton will receive a fine for spearing Stastny, he has opened himself up to potential supplemental discipline. He has only a minor history with the Department of Player Safety over the past several seasons, with the lone incident coincidentally occurring against St. Louis. Thornton received a two-game ban for a hit on Blues winger David Perron back in November 2010.

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