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Watch unthinkable shoot-to-win performance by Michigan alumni Turco, Morrison and Legg

Marty Turco, Brendan Morrison and Mike Legg were on hand to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the 1996 University of Michigan NCAA championship team, and the trio put on a show for fans during the shoot-to-win contest.
via Michigan/Twitter

via Michigan/Twitter

The half-ice, shoot-to-win intermission contest has become a fixture of arenas across the globe and is a major part of in-game entertainment for hundreds of teams each season. No matter how many times the contest is played this season, next season or any time in the future, though, it’s going to be near impossible to match the performance put up by three notable University of Michigan alumni.

Friday night at Michigan’s Yost Ice Arena, members of the 1996 NCAA championship-winning team gathered for a 20th anniversary celebration of their accomplishment, and beyond being celebrated for their successes on-ice, a select few members of the team took part in the intermission shoot-to-win competition, known as the Score-O. Those members were former NHL goaltender Marty Turco, former NHL center Brendan Morrison and Mike Legg, he of Michigan lacrosse goal fame.

However, in order to make things a bit more difficult, the trio shot from between the defensive zone circles. Turco stepped up first and set the tone for a seemingly impossible performance from the trio:

Tonight's Michigan Score-O insanity:
Legends & 1996 champs @mturco35, @7bmo & Mike Legg all ??? @Buccigross#SCTop10

— Michigan Hockey (@umichhockey) October 22, 2016

One of the three scoring from that position on the ice, OK. That’s believable. So when Turco put his shot home, it was exciting enough. For Morrison to follow it up would have been hard to fathom, but we’ll give it to ‘B-Mo’ considering he netted 200 goals and 601 points during a nearly 1,000-game NHL career. His odds of scoring from that position are probably better than that of a fan chosen at random. What really boggles the mind, though, is that Legg scores and does so in lacrosse-goal fashion.

Who would have thought, nearly 20 years after scoring one of the most memorable goals in hockey history, that we’d be talking about Mike Legg scoring another “Michigan Goal”?

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