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What kind of player are you? NHL 16 lets you decide on the ice

Some tweaks to the Be a Pro mode will let players determine their style via their on-ice play in EA Sports' NHL 16 game.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It hasn't been the happiest week for EA Sports' NHL 16 launch, as the company decided to remove Patrick Kane from the new video game's cover amid the police investigation surrounding him. Thursday brought some better news, as EA's new gameplay trailer sheds some intriguing light on the Be Pro Mode.

Check out the video here:

The Be a Pro feature, first introduced in NHL 09, puts users into a first-person version of the game, in which they create and control a single player, transitioning from major junior to the minors to the NHL. In previous editions of the game, you'd determine your player's style and characteristics as you created him or her, like you were working in a genetic laboratory. The new version of Be a Pro offers something more organic.

Now, the type of player you become is determined by your on-ice actions. You pass a lot, set up goals and rag the puck to become a playmaker. You throw big hits every shift to become a power forward. You drop the gloves all the time to become an enforcer. As you make a certain type of play on the ice, you feed experience points toward that particular attribute. It seems like the result will be a more realistic player progression experience. The training element between games is more detailed now, too, as users can customize their character's workout schedules to achieve their desired progression.

Another Be a Pro tweak that should quench a major thirst: the ability to skip to your player's next shift. The feature wasn't available upon NHL 15's release. The video game world calls for instant gratification, and sitting on the bench or in the penalty box, watching the game through the glass as you awaited your next shift, became tedious.

Also, if you like your hockey more video-gamey and less realistic, you can deploy a wide array of new visual aids, which depict targets in the net to shoot at and passing lanes.

Online team play will always be the NHL series' most popular format, but EA has done a nice job making the Be a Pro mode more tempting. It's a nice facelift. The game drops Sept. 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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