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Wings fans still love their team

Now that the dust has settled on the Stanley Cup playoffs a few major thoughts emerge:

People can say whatever they want about fans staying away from Wings games, but I have news for you, it's probably going to continue. With gas prices heading towards $5 a gallon and Michigan's economy in a seemingly endless freefall, people in our state will have to make hard choices for quite some time.

Yes, Wings tickets are plentiful for the first time in many years, but I've been able to afford to go to exactly one game in the past two seasons.

People can also say whatever they want about jaded Wings fans. There are many of us who've been around since the Olympia days, suffering through the likes of Serge Lajeunesse, Terry Richardson and countless others (no offence guys).

Every sports team, from pee wee to the pros, wishes they had a whole team full of Nicklas Lidstroms. I don't realize how good he is until I watch other teams play on Versus and CBC. I never saw Doug Harvey play, but the only defenseman in history I'd put ahead of Lidstrom is No. 4.

For those of you who don't like European players and their style, I ask you: Would you want Zetterberg on your team? Franzen? Filppula? Kronwall? Hudler? If these guys came from Brampton instead of Stockholm, they'd be legends in any NHL city, especially north of the border.

Good players come from every corner of the globe and if you're short-sighted enough to not want any European players on your team what do you say about four Stanley Cups in 11 seasons?

Ronald L. Brown, Bay City, Mich.



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