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Zed way better than Sid

I know that everybody has a right to their opinion, but The Hockey News’ top 50 players from your annual Yearbook is too much to go unanswered.

The only way you could rate Sid ahead of Zetterberg is because of: a) Canadian Nationalism; b) the fact that you're "sportswriters," and only look at stats; or c) you completely missed the Final.

Hank was only a few points behind Crosby in offense, plus he is about a trillion times better than Sid on ‘D.’

You apparently didn't see Zetterberg outplay Sid on those 5-on-3's.

What really frosts my cojones is your inability to pull your collective heads out of Sid's rear and admit that the best two players in the league are both Swedes and both play for Detroit.

John Starlin, Pittsford, Mich.


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