10 of our favorite logo redesigns from our readers

With our 1-30 NHL logo rankings concluded, here are 10 of our favorite submissions from readers who redesigned some of the NHL logos.

Last week, we finished up our rankings of the 30 NHL teams. The Carolina Hurricanes finished 30th and the Chicago Blackhawks finished first, with a lot of contentious picks in between. In case you missed it,
you can catch the series here. All the while, we were asking our readers to get creative and redesign as many of the NHL’s logos as they wanted. We received a slew of art work over the weeks and are now prepared to share some of our favorites. Below are 10 of our favorite reader submissions. Tell us which one you like the best at the bottom.

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Avalanche redesign
Reader Michael GaMarsh took it upon himself to design a whole new jersey to go along with his redesigned Colorado Avalanche logo.
Avalanche redesign
We ranked the Avalanche logo 29th and Avs fan Steve Bowcutt tended to agree with that low ranking. His design is intended to combine the Colorado state flag logo with a touch of the current Avs logo.
Blues redesign
Gary McGuire designed this look, which may have had a place when the NHL was trying radical things with its logos.
Myke Rivera submitted a bunch of different designs, including this one for the Washington Capitals.
Mark Butterline’s submission for the Anaheim Ducks is a clean, crisp take on a logo many thought we placed too high at No. 9. This is a nice-looking logo.
Mike Stacey wanted to pay tribute to the Carolina Hurricanes’ roots in Hartford when he was putting his touch on the team’s logo.
Speaking of paying tribute to the Carolina Hurricanes’ roots in Hartford, Joe Roberts reverted to the Whalers colors for his design.
Steve MacEachern offered a pile of very nice designs and we really liked his updated look for the New York Islanders.
Ryan Nelson from Melfort, Sask., offered up this gem for the Winnipeg Jets. We’d consider it an upgrade for the team.
Finally, it’s another submission from Myke Rivera, who put his spin on the Winnipeg Jets logo. The red maple leaf in the back is an excellent touch.