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Scenes from the end of the world

The Div. III World Championship features a handful of low-level hockey nations, from Bulgaria to Turkmenistan to South Africa. They play to win, but their journey to the worlds is more about the love of the game than a gold medal. Just happy to be there? You bet.

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The rise and fall of the CWHL

The league is dead. That much we know. But it all happened so fast that questions remain as to the official cause of death. The word was that the league was hemorrhaging money – even after winning the lottery by expanding to China – but at least one financial statement raises doubts. Cue the postmortem



2020 NHL draft rankings: the first edition

Sure, it's still summertime, but the next draft class is so enticing that we had to make an initial strike. Get ready for a season-long race at the top between several worthy candidates and a goaltender who might do something that hasn't been accomplished in 15 years.



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