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Blind man encounters the Stanley Cup with his son, share incredibly emotional moment

Gerry Nelson and his son, Wyatt, are Saskatoon Blades fans who experience the game in a different way. Wyatt does play-by-play for Gerry, who lost his eyesight more than 20 years ago. Thanks to the NHL, Wyatt and Gerry shared a beautiful and emotional moment together with the Stanley Cup.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Twelve-year-old Wyatt Nelson is a huge hockey fan, and like many children, the game has brought him closer together with his father. But there’s something unique about the way Wyatt and his dad, Gerry, share the game.

Wyatt has become the personal play-by-play man for his father, who lost his eyesight in 1988 due to diabetes. The two are big Saskatoon Blades fans, and when they attend Blades games, Wyatt calls the action, describing what’s happening on the ice so Gerry can experience the game through his son’s eyes. It started earlier earlier this season during a pre-season game. The game wasn’t on the radio for Gerry to listen along, so Wyatt stepped up with the call.

The NHL caught wind of Wyatt and Gerry’s story and wanted to surprise the two. The result was a once in a lifetime meeting with the Stanley Cup, and one of the most touching and heartwarming videos we’ve ever seen:

There’s no shame in getting emotional watching Wyatt and Gerry’s reaction, because that’s a beautiful moment for the two to share together and it’s clear how overcome with emotion Gerry is.

Global News Saskatoon’s Jack Haskins wrote about the Nelsons, and if it wasn’t evident how close Wyatt and Gerry are in the video, they made it all the more clear how special their relationship is. In addition to doing play-by-play for his father, Wyatt caddies for Gerry, who is president of Blind Golf Canada and won the B1 Class at the 2015 Canadian Open.

“Sometimes when he is doing something with me I feel like I am taking him away from his time with his friends,” Gerry told Haskins. “But he says ‘No, Dad, I love doing it and I want to do it.’”


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